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Tokyo District Court Delivers Win To Samsung, Apple Pays Out $1.2 Million

As opposed to the jury’s choice on Samsung infringing on Apple patents, Tokyo returned with a favorable ruling for Samsung on Friday that found Samsung’s mobile devices were not in any way in violation of an Apple patent that was related to inter-device media transfer. Look’s like the company who resides in Cupertino is going to have to shell out a rather large sum of money. Of course, it’s not nearly as much as the $ 1.5 billion Samsung had to pay out to Apple nor did it really “hurt” Apple.

Image Credit: GSM Nation

This news is coming out just one week after Samsung lost in what continued to be one of the most watched and compelling trial in the tech industry. Sure the San Jose ruled that Samsung Electronics owed Apple over $1 billion in damages over various trade dress and patent claims by Apple, but it seems as if the Tokyo court sees it a different way. The jury in Tokyo awarded Samsung no damages as they found that Apple didn’t violate any of Samsung’s patents and that all of Apple’s patents retained their validity.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung in Tokyo, Japan has called for Apple to pay out over 100 million Yen (which is $1,273,400 USD0 over the allegedly “infringed-upon” patent. The case was dismissed today with Judge Shoji ruling that, (for the accused patent) Samsung’s and Apple’s methods of execution were different enough to dismiss the claim. We could also put that in terms that Shoji basically told Apple that they were a waste of time.

Full details on the lawsuit and each party’s responses are not yet available to the public. When they are available though, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with any sort of details regarding this case in Tokyo. I’m kind of happy to see Samsung winning cases in other countries, the U.S ruling seemed kind of one-sided and unfair due to the silly patent system we have here.

source: Android Police

Apple’s Patent Lawyers Set Up Shop In Asia

Now that the Apple patent lawyers have disrupted Samsung’s Galaxy Tab plans in Europe they have set their sites on Asia. Apple has filed a patent lawsuit in Japan’s patent court. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, Apple had their first hearing yesterday in hopes of banning Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones and the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy 7.7.

It seems that Japan’s court system isn’t as open to information as the U.S. courts as a Tokyo court spokesperson declined to comment on any ongoing cases to Reuters. It’s also been reported, unlike other Apple filings, they are now seeking $1.3 million in damages from Samsung. When you’re talking about two billion dollar companies, 1.3 million doesn’t seem like that much however if it’s granted it will set a precedent for future patent filings by Apple.

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