Tizen will be Among the Top 3 Mobile OS According to Analyst

Currently, the smartphone industry is dominated by the iOS and Android platforms, which are owned respectively by Apple and Google. The two are followed by Windows Phone 8, the BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, Firefox and some others. But with the high popularity of the Samsung brand in the mobile phone market, a report from Bloomberg said

Samsung Could Release Several Tizen Based Smartphones in 2013

Samsung’s rise to fame in the smartphone industry is not a new story to us. The company started off with Android quite early and followed it up with flagships like the Galaxy S, S2 and now S3. These smartphones have been the best selling devices of their respective times and deservingly so. And with the

New Report Fuels Tizen-Powered Samsung Phone Rumor

A new report published by the Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri claims that Samsung Electronics will be releasing its first smartphone based on Tizen operating system this year. According to the report, Samsung is partnering with several carriers, including the Japan-based NTT Docomo, the biggest wireless communications company in the country, to release the smartphone. In

Samsung Dives Into Tizen Resurrected From The Ashes Of Meego

When HP pulled the plug on WebOS one of the biggest rumors flying around was that Samsung may be interested in purchasing the OS to develop their own OS/Hardware combinations. This came on the heels of Google’s announcement that they were buying Motorola for a $12.9 billion dollars. Immediately following that announcement from Google, reports