Samsung Gear S2

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $159.95

You can now get the #Samsung #GearS2 for just $159.95 from eBay. The smartwatch is seller refurbished, hence justifying the discount. But even then, this is a pretty good deal on a smartwatch which usually retails for about $250 or so. The seller is only offering the T-Mobile variant of the smartphone, which means you

Samsung Gear S2 Gray

Upcoming Gear S2 update to introduce a handful of features

#Samsung is supposedly prepping a new update for the #GearS2 smartwatch that would introduce a handful of new features to the fore. First and foremost, the update would apparently allow you to put up photos as your watch face wallpaper. But as many users would know, this feature already exists on the Gear S2, so

Upcoming Samsung Gear S2 successor codenamed ‘Solis’

#Samsung launched the #GearS2 last year to highly positive reviews, thanks mainly to the rotating bezel UI and an overall attractive design. Since we’re already in mid-2016 now and just a couple of months away from the Galaxy Note 6/7 reveal, the rumor mill is abuzz with talk about the Gear S3 or the Gear

[Deal] Samsung Gear Fit for $89.95

Samsung’s #GearFit wearable from a couple of years ago didn’t quite make the impact that the company was hoping for. But that doesn’t make it a bad device. Understandably, the market was quite new and a bit hesitant to the idea of wearables and fitness trackers. However, we’ve come a long way since then, and if

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 w/LTE for $169.95

Samsung’s #GearS2 smartwatch can now be yours for just $169.95 courtesy of a deal run by eBay. The smartwatch is compatible with T-Mobile and comes with 4G LTE support, meaning that you can use it without requiring a smartphone to pair with. However, you will need to be signed up on T-Mobile to make use

[Deal] Verizon Samsung Gear S for $144.95

Samsung’s handy little smartwatch, the #GearS can now be snatched up from eBay for $144.95. The retailer is only offering the Verizon Wireless variant here, so your options are pretty limited as far as networks are concerned. For the price, you’re getting a smartwatch that can not only work as a companion accessory but also

Samsung rubbishes reports of ditching Android Wear

A recent report talked about #Samsung looking to focus more on its custom Tizen OS by ditching #AndroidWear. However, the company has now categorically refuted this particular allegation, going on to mention that it has made no such announcements. While the company has made no promises with regards to sticking with Android Wear or launching

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $195

Samsung’s #GearS2 wearable is now up for grabs at just $195 thanks to a deal running over on eBay. The smartwatch is usually priced at around $250, so this deal saves quite a few bucks on the wearable. The listing mentions that this is the manufacturer refurbished model though, which explains the low cost. But if that’s

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

[Deal] Gear S2 Classic w/ Leather Band for $269

The #Samsung #GearS2 is one of the best smartwatches money can buy today. What makes it special is its unique user interface that allows the users to control the UI with the rotation of the watch bezel. You can now get the ‘Classic’ model of this smartwatch from eBay for just $269. The listing mentions

Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2 could be unveiled next month with a unique bio-processor

According to a new revelation, Samsung’s recently leaked #GearFit2 wearable could be unveiled as soon as next month in its home turf South Korea. It is further believed that the fitness tracker will sport a bioprocessor underneath which would give users access to more health metrics such as skin temperature, bioelectrical impedance analysis, organ measurements as

Samsung Gear S2 - Rose Gold

Samsung rumored to be working on a luxurious Gear S2 successor

The #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch has been more popular than the company probably expected. This was all thanks to the premium design packing on board the device, along with what was considered to be an easy to use and intuitive UI. Well, going by the response of the Gear S2, a rumor is pegging the company to

Samsung Gear S2 Gray

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $249

The #Samsung #GearS2 is now available for just $249 thanks to a new deal over at Amazon. For those unaware, this is a $50 savings on the regular asking price, which makes this a pretty exciting offering. The Gear S2 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches available right now, especially in the premium segment.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 Classic for $259

Interested customers can now get their hands on the #Samsung #GearS2Classic for just $259 from eBay. The smartwatch usually retails for $349, so you’re saving quite a bit here on Samsung’s premium wearable. The Gear S2 Classic, unlike the base level Gear S2 variant, comes with a leather watch band and a metal body, thus justifying

Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 apps have increased exponentially since its launch

The #Samsung #GearS2 was released back in August 2015 by the company with availability following shortly after. A new report now mentions that the available apps for the smartwatch have increased by four times since the smartwatch was released. This is excellent new for Samsung and goes to show that there are developers out there

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $185.00

The #Samsung #GearS2 is currently the best smartwatch available in the market. This wearable can now be yours for just $185, thanks to a new deal over at eBay. This is an excellent deal considering that the wearable usually retails for $250 in the market. The fact that this is seller refurbished might have something

[Deal] Samsung Gear S from Verizon available for $169.99

Remember Samsung’s #GearS smartwatch from late 2014? Well, the smartwatch is now available for just $169.99 via eBay, courtesy of a new deal. This is the #Verizon version of the wearable. The Gear S is Samsung’s first wearable to use a SIM card and is capable of functioning independently without a smartphone. The Gear S features a curved

Samsung Gear S2 update brings Flight Mode and Auto-Brightness support

#Samsung is now sending out an update for the #GearS2 wearable which brings support for Flight Mode and Auto-Brightness on the smartwatch. These are crucial additions which could help you eke out more juice from the device on a single charge. The update seems to be arriving on the wearable over-the-air, so expect it to reach your

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $249 ($50 off)

Samsung’s #GearS2 wearable can be yours for just $249 thanks to a deal over at Amazon. The smartwatch usually retails for $299, so you’re saving big here. The wearable runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system but is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, which is a first for the Gear smartwatches (barring the #GearLive).