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Huawei supposedly working on a new Tizen smartwatch

Huawei Watch

The #HuaweiWatch has set the bar very high in the smartwatch market. With its premium design and circular display, the manufacturer showed the world what a relatively new player in the scene can do. A new rumor is now claiming that Huawei might be looking to bring its talents to the Tizen platform as well. Huawei is one of Tizen’s early partners, along with Samsung, so this move makes complete sense.

While Android Wear is OS agnostic to a great extent, it is hoped that the new Huawei smartwatch will have the same set of compatible devices, thus vying directly with the Apple Watch. Huawei recently mentioned that it won’t release any Android Wear devices this year, stating that the components required for a modern smartwatch have not been perfected yet. It is also being said that Huawei is not particularly satisfied with Google’s Android Wear platform, which doesn’t allow much room for OEM customization.

This new Tizen smartwatch will apparently be developed in accordance with Samsung, who have been responsible for some of the best smartwatches we’ve seen so far (Gear S3 and S3). The future certainly looks interesting for smartwatch fans, don’t you think.

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Samsung Galaxy S III spotted running the Tizen 3.0 OS

Galaxy S3 Tizen 3.0

Galaxy S3 Tizen 3.0

We saw the Tizen 3.0 OS running on a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone yesterday. And today it’s the Galaxy S III from 2012 which is seen running on the new OS. The image reveals very little from what we saw yesterday, but it’s clear that Samsung and Intel have put a lot of work into the look and feel of the OS. We can see the lockscreen and the dialer here from the two images and it’s evident that inspiration has been taken from Windows Phone, especially with the icons on the lockscreen.

The dialer looks pretty straight forward with no fancy touches, not visibly at least. There’s still a lot to know about the new OS as we’ve only seen a few images so far. We’re hoping Samsung will eventually launch a standalone smartphone running the Tizen OS, at least as a test project. But after the early demise of the Bada platform, Samsung’s reluctance to launch a new competitive mobile OS is very understandable.

Galaxy S3 Tizen 3.0 -1

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Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone hits a delay



Samsung has leeched off Android for quite some time now, taking over the open mobile OS and making the Galaxy brand one of the most popular smartphones in the world, rivalling Apple’s iPhone.

The South Korean mobile giant has been cooking up its own mobile OS, to take on Android and others. The first Tizen device will be built in house by Samsung with help from Intel and was set for release sometime in August, but that has been pushed back for two months. Samsung citied problems with the app store as the main reason for the wait.

Tizen 2.1 is reportedly being tested out internally and features email, browser and camera applications. We expect it to have a similar feel to TouchWiz, the skin Samsung develop for their Android devices.

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Samsung Could Release Several Tizen Based Smartphones in 2013


Samsung’s rise to fame in the smartphone industry is not a new story to us. The company started off with Android quite early and followed it up with flagships like the Galaxy S, S2 and now S3. These smartphones have been the best selling devices of their respective times and deservingly so. And with the introduction of the Galaxy Note in 2011, Samsung upped the ante in a major way. But Samsung has also thought out of the box when it came to mobile OSes. If you may recall, there was Samsung’s Bada OS which was seen on phones like the Wave, Wave II, Wave III as well as a few budget ranged smartphones. However, this didn’t make an impact on the market and Samsung didn’t bother to indulge too deep into that. But then, we heard of Samsung working on the development of the Tizen OS along with Intel. Tizen is jointly developed by Samsung, Intel and the Linux Foundation.

These companies have been working in tandem since 2011 to develop the OS and make it an easy to use open source operating system. We won’t go too deep into its history, but it is now being said that Samsung could be looking to launch multiple Tizen based smartphones in 2013. This is very good news for the team at Samsung which has been hard at work to bring the OS to the fore. It would now depend on how Samsung would market these devices, because open source platforms like these always find trouble impressing the mainstream consumer. The first Tizen based smartphone is set to arrive in Q1 2013.

The Tizen Foundation has a lot of partners which include a few carriers around the world. American carrier Sprint has agreed to be a part of the foundation and will make the devices available on its network when Tizen smartphones are launched. Also members of the Tizen Foundation are Vodafone UK and Japanese carrier NTT Docomo among others. This shows that there is plenty of support for an OS which hasn’t even launched yet, which could prove to be vital in the early days of the platform. Perhaps Samsung realizes that it can’t bank on Android for eternity, so it’s a viable option to co-develop other platforms.

It must be noted that Tizen is basically a merger of MeeGo and LiMo, so if you’ve loved what MeeGo had to offer, you will certainly take a liking to Tizen. Let’s hope Samsung unveils the upcoming Tizen smartphones at MWC or even sooner at next week’s CES event. This year will then mark the arrival of several new mobile platforms after Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile OS, Jolla’s Sailfish OS and of course the Tizen OS. Don’t be surprised to find similarities between the Sailfish OS and Tizen as they both have a history of MeeGo.

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New Report Fuels Tizen-Powered Samsung Phone Rumor

A new report published by the Japanese newspaper Daily Yomiuri claims that Samsung Electronics will be releasing its first smartphone based on Tizen operating system this year. According to the report, Samsung is partnering with several carriers, including the Japan-based NTT Docomo, the biggest wireless communications company in the country, to release the smartphone. In Europe, Samsung is likewise teaming up with Vodafone in the U.K. and France Telecom in France, among others.  Panasonic Corp. and NEC Corp. are working on the project, as well.


Tizen is dubbed as an alternative to the two U.S.-based giants Android and iOS, which have held 72.4 a percent and 13.9 percent global market share, respectively, during the July to September 2012 period, as per Gartner Inc. Tizen, for its part, is a Linux-based open-source operating system that can work on a wide range of devices. Among these are as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, appliances, and entertainment devices within vehicles. CNet notes that when Tizen is compared to Android, Tizen is believed to be more open since it does not have similar restrictions that Android imposes, such as those regarding the introduction of many modifications to the operating system.

NTT Docomo, for instance, says that despite the facility of app software products made for Android or iOS, it remains hard for wireless operators to use the platform to provide their own services, such as an online shopping service, for one. In contrast, Tizen will allow companies to offer such services.

Meanwhile, developers would possibly be happy to note that the operating system, according to the website, “provides a robust and flexible environment for application developers, based on HTML5. With HTML5’s robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility, it is rapidly becoming the preferred development environment for mobile apps and services. The Tizen SDK and API allow developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments.”

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