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[Deal] Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for $139.95

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

The standard version of the #Samsung #GearS2 is now available through eBay for a miserly $139.95. The unit is refurbished. We have seen multiple deals on the Gear S2 Classic before, so it’s good to have a discount on the entry-level model as well.

The Gear S2 offered here comes locked to Verizon’s network in the U.S., so you won’t be able to use it with any other network in the region. This is a bit of a letdown, but given the amount of Verizon subscribers that are available out there, it shouldn’t be a big worry.

The smartwatch is capable of functioning on its own using Verizon’s networks, which is a big plus if you prefer a device that functions independently and not when paired with a smartphone. We suggest you have a closer look at this deal before stocks run out.

Get the Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for just $139.95 on eBay!

[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $129.99

Gear S2 Classic

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GearS2 is now selling through eBay for only $129.99. The fall in price could be due to the presence of the Gear S3, which was launched not too long ago. But we’re not going to complain as this is still a pretty solid wearable to own. The Gear S2 Classic is pretty much the same as the standard version, with the only difference being the premium materials used in its making.

The Gear S2 comes with a rotating bezel ring, which is perhaps one of its key features as it’s supposed to help with UI navigation. Further, since it’s compatible with T-Mobile’s networks, the smartwatch can also handle 4G LTE networks on its own. This means you will no longer need your smartphone to be paired in order for the wearable to work. Taking all these factors into account, the Gear S2 seems like a steal at this price point.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for just $129.99 on eBay!

[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for $109.99

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GearS2 can now be purchased via eBay for just $109.99. Don’t confuse this for a run of the mill smartwatch, though, as it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The Gear S2 comes with a unique rotating bezel, which lets you navigate through the UI. This hasn’t been tried by any manufacturer before.

The Gear S2 offered here comes with support for T-Mobile’s networks. This basically means that you can operate the smartwatch even without a paired smartphone. All things considered, the Gear S2 offered here is a steal for the price quoted by the eBay seller.

Given how expensive smartwatches can be, this deal surely does come across as attractive. This could also make a very good gifting item for the holiday season, especially if you have a tech savvy person in the family. Check out the listing from the link below.

Get the T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for just $109.99 on eBay!

[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 Classic for $129.99

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GearS2Classic is now available via eBay for just $129.99. The fall in the prices is expected given that the successor has already reached the markets. But take nothing away from the Gear S2, as it is still a pretty stellar wearable going by the hardware it packs. One of the highlights of the Gear S2 is the rotating bezel ring that allows users to navigate the user interface in a slightly different manner.

The addition of cellular connectivity means that you can pair with T-Mobile in the U.S. and use the wearable like an independent device and not simply as a companion to your smartphone. The Gear S2 is also compatible with a wide range of smartphones out there (not just Samsung Galaxy devices), which makes this an exciting prospect for a wide range of customers out there. Check out the phone from the link below.

Get the T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for just $129.99 on eBay!

[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $149.99

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The #Samsung #GearS2Classic is now available on eBay for just $149.99. The smartwatch comes with support for LTE and is locked to work with T-Mobile. So you won’t have much luck if you are paired with another network. The Gear S2 comes with a fairly attractive design and a circular watch face, which gives it the look of a conventional old-school watch.

The smartwatch also features attractive software features that will enhance user experience to a great extent. For example, the rotating bezel ring on the device helps you navigate through the user interface seamlessly and without much trouble. This is just one of the many things that the smartwatch brings to the table.

The addition of 4G LTE ensures that you can use the Gear S2 without depending on the paired smartphone. Hit the link below for more details on the wearable.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for just $149.99 on eBay!

[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S for $129.99

Gear S

The #Samsung #GearS is now available from eBay for just $129.99. The smartwatch is locked to work with T-Mobile, so the deal will only appeal to a select set of customers. Given that it uses cellular networks, the Gear S can function independently without requiring its primary smartphone.

This is pretty attractive and can give users the liberty to use their smartwatch whenever they want. The Gear S is based on Tizen, which might not be as vast as Android Wear, but still has the backing of Samsung. This means that there will be no dearth of apps or games for the wearables. We have only recently seen the arrival of the Gear S3, so the Gear S is about two years old in the industry.

But even then, a smartwatch with a curved OLED display is surely worth your while, especially when it’s priced at $129.99. Make sure you check out the deal over at eBay.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S for $129.99!

[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $149.99

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

With the #GearS3 set to hit major markets soon, the #GearS2 has sort of taken a back seat on our minds. But a deal on eBay promises to get your attention quickly as the retailer is selling the #GearS2Classic for just $149.99. The smartwatch is locked to work with T-Mobile in the U.S., so you will have to be an existing customer with the network to make use of its cellular features.

The Gear S2 Classic is the company’s high-end wearable that was released last year. It was retailing for nearly $350 during its launch, so to have it priced at just about $150 makes this a pretty impressive deal. The variant being offered here comes with a stainless steel body and a leather band, thus keeping it classy and old-school.

There’s no telling how long the wearable will last in stock, so be sure to check it out right away.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for just $149.99 on eBay!

Samsung Gear S3 to be officially available in the U.S. starting Nov. 18

Gear S3

Gear S3 - Hero

#Samsung will officially bring the #GearS3 models to the U.S. on November 18. AT&T will start taking pre-orders for the wearables starting tomorrow, while other carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile should follow suit subsequently.

The Gear S3 will be available in two WiFi models, known as the Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier. An LTE model called Gear S3 Frontier will also be sold by the American carriers, allowing customers to use the smartwatch without requiring a paired smartphone. The pricing for the LTE model is not known yet, although the WiFi models will be priced at $349.

There are some key differences between the Gear S2 Classic and the Frontier. The company is targeting different demographics with the two wearables as the Classic features a more old-school look while the Frontier has a bit of a sports watch like look to it. Both feature the same hardware on board, which includes the rotating bezel ring.

Will you be pre-ordering any of these models?

Cellular variants of the Gear S2 now getting Samsung Pay support

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

While standard WiFi variants of the #Samsung #GearS2 have already received #SamsungPay support, the company is now enabling the feature on the cellular variants of the wearable as well. By simply heading over to the Gear Manager App on your paired smartphone, you will be able to update to the latest version of the company’s software which will automatically add the feature.

Given that the Gear S2 doesn’t have MST support by default, users will be able to pay only where there are NFC based terminals. This is a small inconvenience for basically being able to pay with your smartwatch. The update is available globally right now, so if you own a cellular enabled Gear S2, be sure to grab the update from the company’s Gear Manager app.

Samsung Pay is one of the most versatile wireless payment platforms available out there, which makes it a desirable offering for many. However, limited adoption remains a big concern for Samsung, as it is for Google and Apple.

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Via: Android Headlines

Huawei supposedly working on a new Tizen smartwatch

Huawei Watch

The #HuaweiWatch has set the bar very high in the smartwatch market. With its premium design and circular display, the manufacturer showed the world what a relatively new player in the scene can do. A new rumor is now claiming that Huawei might be looking to bring its talents to the Tizen platform as well. Huawei is one of Tizen’s early partners, along with Samsung, so this move makes complete sense.

While Android Wear is OS agnostic to a great extent, it is hoped that the new Huawei smartwatch will have the same set of compatible devices, thus vying directly with the Apple Watch. Huawei recently mentioned that it won’t release any Android Wear devices this year, stating that the components required for a modern smartwatch have not been perfected yet. It is also being said that Huawei is not particularly satisfied with Google’s Android Wear platform, which doesn’t allow much room for OEM customization.

This new Tizen smartwatch will apparently be developed in accordance with Samsung, who have been responsible for some of the best smartwatches we’ve seen so far (Gear S3 and S3). The future certainly looks interesting for smartwatch fans, don’t you think.

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[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for $129.95

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GearS2 is now available on eBay for just $129.95. Since the device is capable of taking a SIM card, you can use T-Mobile’s networks with this device and operate the smartwatch independently.

This is a pretty nifty feature and reduces the wearable’s dependence on the paired smartphone. This is one of the many features that makes the Gear S2 a very exciting prospect in the smartwatch industry, even if its successor is already out.

One of the highlights of the device is the rotating bezel UI, which allows you to navigate within the smartwatch using just the exterior bezel. The onboard app hub offers a bunch of handy apps and games as well.

If there’s one caveat with this particular listing, it’s that the wearable is manufacturer refurbished. But if you’re willing to look over that aspect, the T-Mobile Gear S2 for just under $130 is a steal.

Get the T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for just $129.95 on eBay!

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $185

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

You can now grab the Dark Gray version of the #Samsung #GearS2 for just $185 on eBay. The smartwatch comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a modern day wearable, and some, making it a very attractive proposition for this price. The product is manufacturer refurbished. If you’re interested in snatching it up, we suggest you hurry as stocks might be limited with the seller.

The Gear S2 comes with a pretty attractive design and the unique rotating ring bezel, which makes it stand out against the competition. The listing mentions that there’s warranty on board the wearable as well, which is a bonus at this price point.

Now that Samsung has announced the Gear S3, the demand for the Gear S2 has come down significantly. This tells us that there could be more price reductions coming our way. As it stands, though, this is one of the attractive deals we’ve seen on the wearable so far.

Get the Samsung Gear S2 for just $185 on eBay!

[Deal] Verizon or T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 with LTE for $99.99

Gear S2

We have stumbled across two separate eBay listings, wherein you will find the Verizon and T-Mobile powered models of the #Samsung Gear S2. The two wearables are selling for just $99.99, which is pretty sweet. As you would imagine, these are both LTE enabled devices, which means it’s well worth your money.

These are the basic versions of the Gear S2, so they come with rubber straps on board. There’s a circular display on board, along with Samsung’s iconic and mightily impressive rotating bezel UI, which makes for a thoroughly pleasurable experience in terms of usability. Given the pricing quoted by the sellers, we won’t be surprised if the devices go out of stock fairly soon. Keeping this in mind, we suggest you hurry on over to the eBay links below.

The T-Mobile version is available in Dark Gray and Silver, while the Verizon variant is only available in Dark Gray.

Gear S2 by T-Mobile

Gear S2 by Verizon

Samsung officially announces the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic

Gear S3 - Hero

Gear S3 - Hero

After months of waiting and anticipation, #Samsung has officially unveiled the Gear S3 in two variants – the Gear S3 frontier and the Gear S3 classic. While both models pack fairly impressive hardware and design, the Gear S3 frontier appears to be the more evolved version, while the classic model just looks like a revamped version of the Gear S2 Classic from last year.

The frontier replaces the entry-level Gear S2 and packs a more robust body, without any of the sportiness involved. This looks like a rugged and durable wearable, which is perhaps the biggest change we see in terms of design. The timepiece itself will remain mostly unchanged as Samsung is using a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED circular display (an increase of 0.1-inch compared to the predecessor) accompanied by Corning’s freshly announced Gorilla Glass SR+.

Both variants are running Tizen out of the box and will be compatible with a wide range of Android devices as long as they have Android 4.4+ and 1.5GB of RAM on board. iOS devices will be supported soon as well. The battery has been bumped from 250 mAh to 380 mAh, allowing users to get more out of the smartwatches. The RAM has been increased from 512MB to 768MB while storage remains unchanged at 4GB. The popular rotating bezel has been retained with both models.

Strangely, the Gear S3 Classic will remain a WiFi only offering, while the Gear S3 frontier will be available in LTE models from T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon over the coming weeks. The Gear S3 classic will be available from Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’s, as well as Samsung’s dedicated online store. The company hasn’t shared pricing details for both smartwatches.

Gear S3 Specs