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Time Warner confirms talks with Apple about streaming media


Following a deal with the CW network, it seems Apple is gunning for all the major TV labels to get on board a new streaming program for Apple TV.

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt confirmed the two companies have had extended talks about the deal and how it made lead to a Time Warner app appearing on the Apple TV system.

This app would work in the same way it does on the Roku boxes and we believe Apple is trying to grab as many deals as possible with all the main providers of TV.

Some rumours are floating around Apple possibly near finishing the HDTV or a cable TV top box, although this is far fetched and has been rumoured for almost a decade.

Source: Mactrast

Time Warner To Offer Streaming Video To Subscribers On Android 4.0 Soon

Time Warner’s Director of Digital Communication, Jeff Simmermon, took to Twitter on Wednesday to calm rumors that Time Warner Cable was going to start streaming video to their customers. Time Warner already offers customers streaming video on iOS devices and hopes to start offering the service to customers with Android devices by the end of the first quarter.

The only caveat is that for right now the Time Warner app for streaming will only be available to Android handsets running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Of course, many of you remember back to when Netflix was first released for a select number of Gingerbread devices. It was quickly hacked and made available to all devices. Soon after, Netflix released their original app for any devices with Android 2.2 or better.

We’ll see what happens at the end of March.

source: Phonearena

Updated: Google TV can take off with the Motorola purchase

Over the last 10 years, with five different cable companies I have had a cable box, and until only recently the only option has been Motorola boxes.  Up to this point it could easily be argued that Google TV has been lackluster, at best.  We have seen both Logitech and Sony drop prices on their current offerings in recent weeks.

With the purchase of Motorola, Google has an opportunity to get Google TV into millions of homes.  Instead of an additional purchase of YET ANOTHER device it is possible that they could easily piggyback on the existing relationships Motorola already has.

I think the three most important aspects would be: