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Saygus VPhone Finally Approved By Verizon Wireless

What do you do when you’re not satisfied with the smartphones on the market today. Well if you’re Tim Riker you make your own. Riker is the CTO of a company called Saygus that showed off a pretty exciting piece of Android hardware at least years Big Android BBQ.

Riker and his forward thinking engineering team took the time to put together their own Android phone. The VPhone isn’t pretty, it doesn’t have the fastest processor in the world.  It’s heavy and the display isn’t superAMOLED, qHD or anything super fancy. What it is though is built with the developer and customization in mind.  The Saygus Vphone comes rooted.

There’s one little big problem though and that is, it’s a year too late.  When our then Senior Editor Russell Holly had a chance to interview Riker at the Big Android BBQ the VPhone was on it’s way to ODI approval at Verizon Wireless. This is a process which allows a device to use Verizon Wireless network without Verizon being responsible for things like warranty repair and customer service issues.  For lack of a better word ODI is the approval process for companies like Saygus to use their network in a wholesale fashion.

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