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Tim Cook talks about Android fragmentation

Android fragmentation: Tim Cook’s take

Android fragmentation is a topic that repeatedly comes up in discussions of the Google-owned mobile operating system.  In a recent interview with Business Week, Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the conversation and revealed what he thought about the issue. Cook calls the Android fragmentation a “growing problem” that increases exponentially. He points  out that consumers

Apple Offering its Own iPhone Trade-In Program to Boost Sales

For years, carriers have been offering iPhone trade-in programs to boost their sales and to give loyal Apple smartphone enthusiasts a chance to upgrade their devices to the most recently launched model of the brand. But according to a report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino-based company is planning to launch its very own trade-in program for

Apple passes 45 billion downloads on iOS apps store

With Apple being so quiet when it comes to releases, ideas and progress, the quarterly report is a good way to find out what is happening inside Cupertino. Tim Cook discussed Apple’s stock price and how he will help this, new innovations coming to Apple in 2014 and the coming years for Apple. Apps Store

Tim Cook May Consider Larger iPhone Screen On Some Conditions

Tim Cook appears to have his reservations on the matter of larger iPhone screen. But a recent interview featured by CNET leaves a little possibility that his company may still want to reconsider their stance in the future. Gone were the days when cell phones were more marketable if they are more compact or smaller

Zuckerberg bests Tim Cook, Larry Page in List of Highest Rates CEOs

Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of the highest-rated CEOs of 2013 in Glassdoor’s recently-published study. The Facebook CEO received a 99 percent approval rating, besting other heads of companies from various fields. Zuckerberg’s performance may be seen as impressive, given that during the month of May last year, the company’s stocks were quite unstable. One

Samsung President Attends Steve Jobs Day

Before all of this bickering and all these patent wars between Apple and Samsung, Steve Jobs had a very close relationship with the family that controls Samsung in South Korea.  Three generations of Lee Kun-Hee’s family backed Jobs and his innovations over the years. It was the close relationship that Job  had with the family