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Verizon Cancels Plans For Unlimited LTE Data-Throttling



After numerous complaints from both customers and the FCC, Verizon has announced that they are canceling their plans to throttle users who still have grandfathered unlimited plans during times of peak traffic.

Verizon’s original plan was to throttle the top 5 percent unlimited LTE data users. This was anyone who still had unlimited data with LTE, was not in contract, and used more than 4.7 GB per month.

Naturally, customers were not a fan of this idea and complained about “net neutrality” and similar topics. That made the FCC get involved, whose chairman Tom Wheeler put out a statement disapproving of the idea.

Now after the months of talks, Verizon has put out a statement saying they not going to throttle users. The official statement reads:

“Verizon is committed to providing its customers with an unparalleled mobile network experience. At a time of ever-increasing mobile broadband data usage, we not only take pride in the way we manage our network resources, but also take seriously our responsibility to deliver exceptional mobile service to every customer.

We’ve greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and we’ve decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans. Exceptional network service will always be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to manage broadband issues so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value.”

So if you still have an unlimited data plan with a 4G LTE-capable device, you no longer have the risk of getting throttled. You just still need to make sure you don’t lose your data plan.

Via: The Verge