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T-Mobile Monthly 4G Users Will Be Able To Get an Unlimited Data Plan With No Throttle Starting January 9th

4G Unlimited Data

T-Mobile said they will begin offering the same truly unlimited data plan contract customers currently have for Monthly 4G prepaid customers as well. Normally Monthly 4G service costs $70 for unlimited talk, text and data — with a throttle after 5 gigs of usage. Arguably that’s a lot better than shelling out an extra 10 – $15 for an extra gigabyte on AT&T and Verizon, but it seems that T-Mobile is looking to replace this plan with their truly unlimited data plan, which touts truly unlimited data with no throttle. On the business side of things, this is great news for T-Mobile as it will no doubt attract a plethora of new customers, especially after the carrier begins moving more of its spectrum to the 1900MHz frequency for HSPA+.

TmoNews mentions that the service will launch on January 9th. TmoNews also managed to snag an image of the marketing materials for the new plans.


The only downside this new plan has is the lack of coverage T-Mobile’s HPSA+ has. While T-Mobile does cover “96% of Americans” that does not mean it is the 4G HSPA+ speeds. In fact, the majority of their coverage is their EDGE network, which is extremely too slow to even take advantage of a truly unlimited data plan. Once T-Mobile covers the majority of America with their HSPA+ network, this new data plan will no doubt take-off and possibly even make some of the other carriers out their a bit jealous. If you’re interested in checking out T-Mobile’s coverage, you can check out their coverage map.

Regardless, this is an outstanding plan for those who are in T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage.

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source: TmoNews