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SwiftKey X Celebrates 1 Millionth Personalization, Becomes Even More Intuitive

SwiftKey X just updated their application in the Android Market. With that they brought their one millionth personalization to the most intuitive and predictive third party keyboard app for Android.

SwiftKey X developers have added what they call “conversation models” to the application which make the app more predictive especially in IM and texting applications. These conversation models promise to predict words that are normally used in IM and texting that doesn’t require the full word, or even a word to be spelled correctly. This new feature will suggest words and abbreviations that are commonly used in text messaging and IM conversations.

They’ve also added more features when you sync your SwiftKeyX with your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts. SwiftKey X learns words from your previous conversations which makes it even more predictable.

These features take SwiftKey X to their one millionth personalization.

Check it out in the Android Market

Source: PCMag