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Thinnest Quad-Core Phone Yet, Oppo Find5 X909, Leaked

As the war of the smartphones rages, one of the most important things that manufacturers seems to emphasize on today is the power of a small device.  It has not been easy to squeeze quad processing power, 16 and more Gigs of internal memory and a 4 inch screen to a tiny device, but it appears Oppo may have just pulled it off with the slimmest quad-core android phone yet.  One thing, though, this phone does not claim to be the thinnest phone but rather the thinnest quad-core android phone.

Named the Find5 X909, this phone comes a Chinese manufacturer Oppo.  Those who have heard of it probably did so through their earlier wanna-be thinnest smartphone the Finder. The Find5 is supposedly one of the most high-end devices to expect in the Android market and should come with an impressive specs-sheet – including a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM and a 4.5 inch display.  It is expected that this thin smartphone will come with Android Jelly Bean pre-installed and will pack a front 2MP and a rear 12MP cameras, a 2,500mAh battery and 16 or 32GB onboard memory.

With such high specs, it is unclear whether the battery will handle such power, although it is clearly much better than what most devices from well-known devices come with.  The screen is also expected to have a full high definition but we are unsure whether there is any surprise there.

These specs are just rumored, nothing official yet.  It is also very unlikely that such a small Chinese manufacturer will attempt to launch on the US market but I think this is noteworthy to say it can benefit the global market if it can nudge the dominant manufacturers, especially Samsung in South Korea, to put more effort in newer more powerful android smartphones.  But we may be in for a little surprise, given companies such as Xiaomi, which ventured into Europe with a high end Android smartphone, may soon be headed to the US market.

We know nothing about the Find5 X909 release date or the pricing at the moment, but we are confident that Chinese products often cost lower than products from any other part of the world, even when the quality is higher.  If it will come with Android jelly Bean on board, then it is going to take another 2 or 3 months before this powerhouse gadget hits the stores in China.

Would you go for the Find5 X909 on the account of it being the slimmest quad-core Android phone if it were launched in the US market?  Let us know what you think.