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Thermo, your pocket thermometer gets snazzy with a new look!

Apps are getting more intuitive. Soon, every aspect of our lives will be decided by applications on our phones, tablets and laptops. These software wonders will soon replace everyday objects like BP machines, thermometers, sketch pads, paints, music CDs and a host of other appliances. There’s an app for everything today, music, eBooks, image editing, boarding passes, weather, games and millions more across app stores. Robocat has recently released an app called Haze to track the weather conditions at a given location. The company has also released an update for its dedicated thermometer app, Thermo.

thermo2Thermo shows you the current temperature and an analysis of temperatures over the past day, week, month and year. The update works on the presentation of the app, focusing on the user interface. With the update comes brand new themes like a solid good look, a magic vial or a steampunk thermometer. Some of the other exciting looks are wood and bling. There is an entire store dedicated to providing funky new looks for thermo!

In addition, the new version supports animations, Greek, Hebrew and Macedonian languages and fixes reported bugs. You can share your location’s temperature by generating a link. The link also displays your theme. With Thermo’s update you can now carry around a pocket thermometer with fun new features.

The update is aimed at Apple devices running iOS 5.0 and above and is available for free in Apple stores. Not available for Android and other operating systems yet, Google users have a bit of a wait before they can enjoy Thermo’s fancy new looks.