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Motorola Has Plans For New Moto X Tablet


Motorola has somewhat improved it’s reputation with the launch of it’s new Moto X range, but despite selling 100k Moto X handsets per week, it’s history with tablets like the Motorola Xoom usually doesn’t leave a positive experience in people’s minds.

The X00m tablet wasn’t specifically a bad tablet, but it wasn’t received well and that’s unlikely to be forgotten. However it seems that this year’s lineup of Motorola handsets has sparked confidence in the Google owned company because CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, has told Engadget in an interview that his company has plans to release a new Moto X tablet.

He didn’t give any information on any release information though, and the subject hit a stop after Woodside was asked about a release date. It seems that Motorola’s plans for a tablet device are probably still in their early stages right now, but a future Moto X tablet is likely. Just like the Moto X handset, the tablet could become part of the personalized Moto Maker service.

Personally I think a new Moto X tablet could be a good addition to the new Motorola family, and hopefully it will fit in well with the Android crowd.

Source: VentureBeat

Bluestacks reveals Gamepop Mini Console


Whilst Bluestacks already had plans to release their first console, the Gamepop, a device that could go head to head with the popular OUYA, it seems Bluestacks haven’t stopped there.

Bluestacks has recently revealed another console, named the Gamepop Mini.

The Gamepop mini is even smaller than the Gamepop, and is a small box the size of a controller.

The biggest difference between the cubed Gamepop and the tiny box-shaped Gamepop mini is not the shape though, and is instead the pricing models.

Whilst we talked before about the Gamepop being available for a one-time fee of $129, Bluestacks has revealed a pricing model for the Gamepop mini that allows those wanting the console to get it right away without paying a penny.

Once owners have the console, they’ll then pay a monthly fee of just $7 for 12 months, and then after paying the full $84, the console is theirs to keep without any other recurring fees or payments.

Those that aren’t happy with the console can send it back early for a $25 restocking fee and will then no longer have to pay the rest of their contract.

The Gamepop has already seen support by many well-known developers, particularly for their Looking Glass software- a feature that allows the Gamepop hardware to port over iOS games to the Android gaming system.

We’ve been seeing a lot of these small Android ‘consoles’ pop up now, including the OUYA, the Gamestick, and now the Gamepop and Gamepop mini, but do you think there is a big enough market for these consoles to remain successful, or is this a trend that will soon die out?

Source: AndroidPolice


Where Do I Find S-Pen Apps For My Galaxy Note? In The Samsung App Store Of Course!

The 5.3″ [easyazon-link asin=”B0061YRDX6″ locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy Note[/easyazon-link]has taken the world by storm. Prior to South By Southwest the company announced they had already sold more than two million of the phone-blet device. It’s been one of my favorite devices. To me it’s the perfect size to give near tablet functionality in a smaller, more pocket sized experience.

One of the unique things about the Galaxy Note is the S-Pen. This digital pen works great as a navigation tool but it’s also deeply integrated with the software for the phone. The S-Pen offers easy screen shot capability, annotating capabilities and a variety of ways to interact with apps.

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SXSW: Smartphone And Tablet Batteries Definitely Not Keeping Up, Never Fear Thedroidguy & Powerbag Are Here!

The Tweets, Google Plus messages, Facebook Status’ and even photos are echoing the same theme; at South By Southwest smartphone and tablet batteries aren’t keeping up.

We’ve seen pictures of people bringing multiple power strips to the Austin Convention Center. Samsung has stationed several of their “airport” charging stations all over the convention center and Austin. FedEx is running around with charging vests, and every party is pimping Free Food, Free Beer and Free Charge Up.

Yup Austin, people need phone power. That’s where thedroidguy and Powerbag have come in all week long. Since last Thursday we’ve been giving away Powerbags to people from Austin Texas, and around the country here celebrating and attending South By Southwest (SXSW).

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The Elephant Is Still In The Room, Android Tablets Failing, Forrester Backs That Claim

10 months ago I wrote a piece for Laptop Magazine that grew intense scrutiny on Twitter and even in the comments over at Laptop. The piece was titled “The Elephant In The Room: Android Tablets Failing”. How could I, Thedroidguy even say such a thing… gosh!

10 months later I use a Toshiba Thrive 10 inch every single day and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 almost as much. Just about every member of my family has one kind of Android tablet or another, and yet as we are hours away from the iPad three launch, Android tablets are still failing.

Google and their manufacturer partners have so far been unsuccessful in replicating their phone strategy with tablets. The strategy, design them, build them, and push them out to the public, the end result should be more collective tablet sales sold than the iPad 3. With phones it was much easier.

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Getting Ready For SXSW You Need This Android App

If you’ve ever been to a South By South West festival in Austin Texas than you know there’s literally over 500 different events going on during the 12 day festival (March 6-18).  It’s very hard to keep up with everything because the entire downtown portion of Austin is the festival grounds.

That’s why you need the official SXSW Go Android app by Womzit.  Womzit has thought up everything you could possibly need as a SXSW attendee and thrown it in this thorough, easy to use app.

All the functions you need to keep track of SXSW12 are baked into the app, like schedules, map, and search. If you’ve heard about a great new app, product, movie or band that’s going to be at SXSW than search will help you find out when and where to find it.

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TDG Live: 2012 Crunchies

This years Crunchies aren’t going to be the same without Michael Arrington, Heather Harde or any of the other legacy TechCrunch members who’ve now left the AOL owned website for other endeavors or Sarah Lacy’s Pando Daily. Nevertheless, the show must go on and on it is!

GigaOM, VentureBeat and TechCrunch have teamed up for the 2012 Crunchies happening now at the Davie Symphony Hall in San Francisco California, and as you’ve come to expect Thedroidguy and Nibletz team are in the house ready to provide the interwebs with great coverage.

We’re about 5 minutes away from the start and you can catch a livestream by following this link to TechCrunch. 

We’ll post more photos in a bit!

LG Introduces First LTE Tablet

We’re not sure why LG didn’t unveil this tablet last week at CES however on Tuesday LG announced their first LTE tablet.  Not only is this LG’s first LTE tablet according to LG it’s the first LTE tablet in Korea, where it will debut.

The new Optimus Pad LTE will feature an 8.9 inch 1280×768 “True HD” IPS Display. Under the hood we’re looking at a dual core 1.5ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. There is an 8 mega pixel camera in the back and a 2 mega pixel camera in the front to handle video chatting over 3G, 4G or wifi.

There is no mention of Ice Cream Sandwich. The tablet is expected to debut with Android 3.2 Honeycomb. There is also no mention of 3D which was a big thing for LG last year with the original Optimus Pad that came out in the United States on T-Mobile as the “T-Mobile G-Slate”. The reception of the LG tablet with “Google” was warm at best.

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Kim Titus Shows Off NQ Mobile On An HTC Vivid

Big things are about to happen for NQ Mobile. NQ Mobile is one of the world’s leading providers of consumer centric mobile security software in the world. They currently boast over 120 million worldwide subscribers.

NQ Mobile just recently added Kim Titus, former PR Director for Samsung Mobile as their head of communications. To top that off, Omar Khan, former Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Mobile, has joined the China based company as Co-CEO.

Titus and Khan are in the process of setting up a North American headquarters in Dallas Texas and have a road map of big things coming our way.  At CES though, we got a chance to talk to Titus and get a walk through of the NQ Mobile software product.

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Signal Wars Episode 1: Neil In Oklahoma City

We’re traveling across the country twice, this week and then starting Friday the 13th. Between now and January 16th make sure if you have signal problems you tweet us @thedroidguy with hashtag #wilsonsaves and if you’re lucky we’ll come check out your signal issues and you may win a free Wilson Electronics Sleek signal booster.

We are traveling west this week and east starting January 13th

Make sure you’re tweeting!

Verizon Wireless Issues List Of Galaxy Nexus Issues That DON’T Warrant A Replacement

Verizon Wireless has issued a list today to their corporate store employees that highlights a number of known issues with the Galaxy Nexus that do not qualify for a replacement. Of course if you push the issue you are entitled to exchange your phone for 14 days from purchase, as well as an extended replacement time given the holidays.  Just know that these are the issues Verizon Employees are told don’t qualify for replacement:

This bulletin can be searched by pressing [CTRL] – F.

This bulletin documents basic device operation and any known issues with short term work arounds identified on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i515) software at launch. This information will be updated with fixes to known issues once the schedule is available. Newly approved software versions will also be included.

Certified Like New Replacement (CLNR) Information

The issues contained in this bulletin do not warrant any type of CLNR replacement for customers experiencing these issues.






Software Release Notes


Display items may appear to be overlapping
Overview: Display items will appear to be overlapping if the font is changed to extra large – If you go to Settings > Display and change the font size to extra large, menu items and application will appear to be overlapping
Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is middle to late January 2012.

3G icon on display but unable to make a data call
Overview: The UI may show the 3G icon but you are unable to make a data call in some cases – In some cases the UI may show the 3G icon but when the user tries to make a data connection it fails. Users may need to power cycle the device to be able to make a data call when this occurs
Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is middle to late January 2012.

Signal Strength Meter
Overview: The signal strength meter may show a different signal strength when compared to other devices – This device uses a different way of calculating the signal strength so if you compare this device to another you may notice that the signal strength may be displayed differently.
Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is March 2012.

Airplane mode
Overview: The time it takes to acquire service coming out of airplane mode – This device may take up to 45 seconds to acquire service when coming out of airplane mode
Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is March 2012.

Soft keys launching the wrong application
Overview: in some rare cases it has been reported that selecting soft keys like Messages will launch the wrong application. It has been found in some rare cases that the wrong application is open when selecting software keys like messaging and Google Music
Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is middle to late January 2012.

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As Originally Reported Here October 18th, AT&T And Samsung Announce The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Here at we take our rumors and leaks quite seriously, and vet our stories as best we can unlike some other sites like, in the Android community.  That’s why on October 18th after getting a great tip we spent the better part of the day calling everyone we knew and several AT&T stores in Texas, to vet the story of what we now know to be the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

AT&T and Samsung are announcing today the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, one of the first Android devices on AT&T’s new 4G/LTE network. It’s powered by a 1.5ghz dual core processor and a blazing fast 4G/LTE speeds.

Other features include:

•             4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display(800×480 pixels)

•             Android Gingerbread (2.3.5)

•             1.5 GHz dual-core processor

•             8-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash, with 2-megapixel front-facing camera

•             1080p HD video recording

•             16 GB of on-board memory, microSD expandable to an additional 32 GB

The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket will be available Sunday November 6th for $249.99. As our original story states, an announcement on more AT&T 4G markets is forthcoming either later today or tomorrow.

Source: TDG  (and unlike androidcommunity, other sites in the android community we are only sourcing ourselves because we broke the story)

Thedroidguy Goes On The Road Again With The Wilson Electronics Sleek

If you travel a decent amount in the car or you live in a somewhat desolate area we highly recommend the Wilson Electronics Sleek.  For a really good review about it’s function and the way it works click here.

We’re taking a long windy trip on i40 and have found that the Wilson Electronics Sleek rarely fails. As Wilson’s Jon Bacon has warned us before though, it can’t produce signal where there is none.  At this particular stretch of i40 we received 0-1 bars of Verizon Wireless 3G and were able to get it to 4 or 5 bars in the Wilson Electronics Sleek cradle.

The Sleek plugs into your cars cigarette lighter outlet and has an antenna that mounts on the roof of your vehicle with one of those really heavy duty magnets. The results are a dramatic improvement where signal is low.

[iframe 120 240]