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Motorola Defy Not Root Proof

Even though it’s packed with Motoblur one of the cooler phones to come out of this falls CTIA show is the Motorola Defy on T-Mobile.  This rugged little beast is water resistant and dust proof.  However it’s not root proof. We will have our first look review of the Motorola Defy early next week but we couldn’t wait to report that the Motorola DEFY has root.

The developers over at XDA have gained root access to the Motorola Defy. One of the XDA developers has posted directions using ADB commands to gain root access. There is also a one click root app called Z4Root that may work in the market.

If you’re ready to take on the XDA instructions please download the zip file here.  If you’re not sure what you’re doing DON’T Do it. We nor XDA is responsible in any way for any damage to your phone caused by rooting it.

Source: Twentyfourtimes

It’s time for another Slacker Radio Baby (Baby # 3)

Below is the next Slacker Radio Baby, listen to it carefully, although we think it’s just as easy as Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss.  In case you have no idea what we are talking about here it is.

Slacker Radio and The Droid Guy have teamed up to giveaway 10 free 3 month subscriptions to the popular Slacker Radio service. The way we are giving them away is quite simple. First off make sure you are following both @slackerradio and @thedroidguy on twitter.  Then be on the lookout for tweets about the Baby clues being posted here on

Once the clue is posted, listen to it and see if you can identify the title and artist of the word “baby” heard in the audio clue.  The person who posts the correct answer first in our Disqus comments wins.  You must log in to Disqus with your twitter ID.

For more info click this link

For Practice here is clue #1
and clue #2

The first song was Sinead O’Conner, “Nothing Compares To You”. The second song was “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam.


Rule update: You can only win this contest once during the 10 day/10 certificate period!