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The Strange Orb That Is The Google Nexus Q Streaming Media Player

The Strange Orb That Is The Google Nexus Q Streaming Media Player

Google Nexus Q is one device that not many had heard about before it was announced before the Google I/O developer conference. The Google Nexus Q is a media player which Google likes to call the “first social streaming media player.”

The Nexus Q Streaming Media Player is not your typical media player when it comes to looks. It has an unconventional design, in the shape of a black orb. The top half of the orb also rotates which acts a controller and simultaneously a ring of blue LED glows around the orb. The orb is also quite a heavy device weighing in at 2 pounds. This is as far as the design goes.
Coming to the connectivity options provided at the back of the device. It has an optical out port,  a micro HDMI, an Ethernet port and a mini USB port. The device also comes with four speaker ports for connecting your home speaker system. As for the wireless connectivity options, the device packs in WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. All these connectivity options sure make it sound impressive.

The Nexus Q device can be used to play content stored in your Android device, both smartphones and tablets. HD movies, music, television shows, photos, and even YouTube videos can be played via the Nexus Q connected to your HDTV and home speaker system.

“Each Nexus Q device is designed to control the equipment in one room: speakers, AV systems, TVs, and more. Each room with a Nexus Q appears in the Nexus Q app, where you can control what’s playing and at what volume, or (for music only) stream to multiple rooms at the same time.”

The Nexus Q device will controlled via a Nexus Q app installed on your Android device. The device is not restricted to your device only but even a friend who has the app on his Android device can control your Nexus Q media player.

The Nexus Q is set to launch sometime in July and will be available only in the U.S. for $299.