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Rockpocalypse Review: Is The Game Electrifying or Boring?


The Rock (a.k.a. The Great One) has never failed to electrify wrestling fans all around the world due to his amazing move sets in the ring. Aside from his infamy during the height of wrestling’s popularity on TV during the so-called Attitude Era, he is headlining Wrestlemania again this Sunday with John Cena as his opponent for the WWE Championship.

As Dwayne Johnson (his real name), he starred in box office hits like Scorpion King, Rundown, Walking Tall, Doom, Fast Five and many others. He also plays the main character, Roadblock, in the newest film of the G.I. Joe franchise.

On top of these, he even appeared in numerous critically acclaimed wrestling-based video games produced under the banner of WWE.

But what happens if the end of the world suddenly comes? What would Rock do and how will he fare? Let’s find that out in this Rockpocalypse review.

The Plot

Rockpocalypse, as the title implies, is another game with an end of the world theme. The Rock stars as the main character. Everything starts at Studio 51 in Hollywood, California while the actor/WWE superstar is currently filming one of his soon-to-be box office hit.

Suddenly, people start changing due to a mysterious pathogen that is released by a villain. Now, it’s up to him to stop it from further infecting people and turning them wild by battling villains and unraveling the obscurity that surrounds the event as the game progresses.

The Pros

The Rock fans all over the world will surely be delighted of this one because it will let them use punches, kicks and slams in overcoming opponents. Then, the game features four varying environments with up to eighteen levels that become harder as the player proceeds. As the story goes, the player will be able to discover the mystery that shrouds the events through hidden clues scattered all throughout the game.

Next, the customization of the character is good as players can choose how to personalize its health, stamina, attack strength and slam abilities as the game progresses. There are combat skills that determine the fighting capabilities of the character too. In addition, game coins can be gained every level that will enable the user to buy weapons that will enhance The Rock’s damage and clothes that will improve his defense plus other stats.

As to the controls, this is very easy to learn because it is just basic. This is one of the old school button-mashing games out there that do not require players to consult the guide or tutorial from time to time.

Moreover, the graphics are nice, together with the effects. The person controlling The Great One will be able to hear the superstar’s famous quotes randomly.

Last but not least, the game comes for free.

The Cons

Despite the overwhelming 5-star votes of people who have downloaded the Rockpocalypse app, which currently number around 896 followed by 154 who voted a rating of 4 in the Google Play Store, there are some who find it disappointing. Around 78 gave it 3 stars, 40 gave it 2 while the 1-star vote has around 140 people.

One of the major complaints of players is that once they get to the middle of the game, the action becomes quite repetitive. Fans wanted more out of the graphics and cut scenes also. The game can get a lot of lags and glitches as well.


The overall rating of the game based on 1,308 votes in the Google Play store is 4.2. But personally, this Rockpocalypse review can only give this game a score of 3 out of 5 stars. The graphics, customization and effects are average but the repetitive gameplay is definitely a turn off. Despite the downside, it presents a great way to kill time.

Source: Google Play