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No iPhone 5 This Summer? Android Poised For Another Scorching Summer

For those of you that pay strict attention to only Android news, you may not know Jim Dalrymple.  Dalrymple and his blog “The Loop” (as in infinite loop in Cupertino, CA) is usually dead on and accurate in his reporting. Dalrymple is an Apple and iOS reporter. A lot of Apple Fan Boys disagree with Dalrymple simply because they rather not hear what Dalrymple is saying.

What’s this have to do with Android? Well The Loop is reporting that there will be no hardware launch at WWDC in San Francisco this year.  For those of you again only into Android news, WWDC is the World Wide Developer’s Conference for Apple developers and it’s held in June in San Fancisco.  For the past few years the WWDC has been the venue for announcements about new and exciting iPhones (Jump for joy right.. meh).

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