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The iPhone 5 might look like this

The iPhone 5 might look like this

There have been a lot of rumors and leaks about the new and upcoming iPhone 5. There always were rumors about the iPhones that were in the pipeline and the iPhone 5 is no different. Actually, now that the smart phone technology has grown so advance and deep into the lives of its users, the expectations on the iPhone 5 have increased. And the rumors that are coming out of the rumor mill will obviously reflect these needs, of the individual who starts the rumor in the first place.

So, we have already seen a lot of rumors about the new iPhone 5. To list a few, the body of the iPhone 5 will be made of liquid metal, which is a mixture of different metals. Apple is probably moving to this because liquid metal is lighter than aluminium, and when compared to plastic, liquid metal is much more stronger. This strength of the liquid metal body does not increase the size of the iPhone or make it heavy, but the iPhone will still have a very thin profile along with being light weight.

Also, we have seen that there would be some changes under the hood, like a smaller connector port and better cameras, the processor is for sure set to change and much more. Collecting all these rumors and making complete use of his creative abilities, a designer by name Jon Fawcett, has come up with some awesome iPhone 5 designs. He has released a few photos showcasing his abilities as an artist and also giving us an idea of what the new iPhone 5 might look like.

Though this is not the actual iPhone 5 design and this may not even be close to this, we just have to look at this for pleasure and consider it with a pinch of salt. Because even Fawcett does not know how the new iPhone 5 looks like and this is just a creative approach to the matter.

So enjoy the images and wait for the official design.