Unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Problem When Powered On

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “Hi, I am experiencing a Samsung Galaxy S3 charging problem. The issue is that the phone only charges when it is switched Off. When I try to plug it into a power source while On, the Battery indicator does not show that it

Samsung’s Flexible Phone Might not be Galaxy Note 3

Despite previous reports, the upcoming flexible phone from Samsung may not be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 after all. According to Money Today, a Korean outlet, the flexible device we’ll soon be able to get our hands on will in fact be more similar to the Youm prototypes Samsung showcased earlier this year.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Hits Stores October 10th

This years Galaxy Note 10.1 has previously been speculated to release on a date close to the release of the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear, and just as the hype slows down for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear combo, Samsung have now officially announced details on this year’s Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear ‘Lacks Something Special’

Along with many other smart watches, the Galaxy Gear has been expected for some time now, and while we all wait for manufacturers to put more emphasis into the wearable smart tech market in the near future, we’ve got to look at what today offers us, and to be quite frank, there really isn’t that much

Is it Worth Upgrading to the Galaxy Note 3?

Samsung has just announced the brand new Galaxy Note 3, and it’s bigger, better and more powerful than it’s predecessor. The Note 2 was and still is a beautifully powerful device, so making an upgrade may not be an easy choice. Whether you’ve got a brand spanking new Galaxy S4 in your pocket or you’re

Galaxy Note 3 Release may be Slowed by Production Issues

One problem that manufacturers and consumers will always share are production problems, and every now and then we see up and coming tech that doesn’t make it to market at the time we’ve expected, at least not in the quantity that is demanded. This may be the case with Samsung’s 2013 phablet, the Galaxy Note

Are there too Many Android Phones?

Earlier today I posted about Lenovo, a company that covers a fair amount of ground in the mobile scene in countries like China, but is currently unheard of as a mobile phone manufacturer by the majority in countries in America and Europe. That made me think about all of the manufacturers that seem to be

New Lenovo X910 Spotted on AnTuTu

  Although Lenovo is best known for it’s work with laptops and PCs, they are trying hard to break into the mobile world. The new Lenovo X910 may be the first ‘flagship’ to hit wider markets such as the US and Europe, and we’ve seen a little hint of what the smartphone is capable of

Samsung Galaxy Note II will Get Update Straight to Android 4.3

With leaks circling around about Android 4.3, it’s been speculated that a bunch of Galaxy devices will be updated to the new Android, skipping past Android 4.2.2. Whilst we’re unsure about devices such as the Galaxy S3 or S3 Mini, a leaked image seems to point to the fact that the Galaxy Note II will

Samsung I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini Dual SIM Now Available

 While you may be fed up with the constant stream of Galaxy devices, it’s only now that we have finally seen a Galaxy S4 Mini dual SIM hit the market. The Galaxy I9192 is a dual SIM variant of the original Galaxy S4 Mini and has specs and an appearance almost identical to the original S4.

Will the Second Nexus 7 Be on Shelves Next Week?

  The first Nexus 7 has been incredibly popular, and the speculated second Nexus 7 is expected to keep that success going. So far we haven’t really heard confirmed details on anything, however we keep seeing plentiful amount of leaks. A new leak involves a document with information about the arrival of Google and ASUS’

Is AT&T Next a Good Smartphone Plan?

I’ve always felt that a two-year contract was always a little inconvenient and awkward- If you don’t get an upgrade, you’ll be stuck with a phone that will be outdated in two years time. Smartphone manufacturers are now releasing a new flagship each year, and many are refreshing their flagship with a more powerful phone

Why are we Obsessed with Super Thin Phones?

Huawei recently revealed their super thin Ascend P6, a smartphone that manages to cut itself down to a tiny 6.8mm thickness, and even more recent than that, LG announced the ‘world’s thinnest’ smartphone display that is at a tiny 2.2mm in width. Whilst it’s understandable that smartphone manufacturers want to beat their competition in any

What’s with All the Galaxy smartphones?

  Even though there are rumors about Apple bringing a few different models into the game this year to compete with the teeming masses of other Galaxy smartphones, the Cupertino-based company has previously managed to sell incredibly well with just one premium smartphone each year. It seems Samsung has taken a very different approach though, and

EE Has Improved 4G Spectrum Allowance to Increase Speeds

Whilst most of the mobile networks in the UK are still lagging behind many other 4G capable networks, Everything Everywhere, or EE for short is still the first and only UK network to have 4G. The likes of Vodafone and O2 seem to be very close to releasing a 4G network to the public, but

What is up with all These Google Edition Phones?

This year we’ve already welcomed both the HTC One Google Edition phone and the Galaxy S4 Google Edition phone, and rumors have been swirling around about many other manufacturers that may get in on the action. This includes Sony, Huawei, and even Oppo. Whilst it’s nice to have a handset built by a renowned manufacturer