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Sony at E3: All The Games Coming To The PS4



Sony has still got some hardware issues to address, including actually showing the console. This PlayStation 4 event has a lot to live up for, with all the hype for Sony’s next generation console.

A nice start to the game event, the many developers working on the next generation console are explaining why the PS4 is making strides in the gaming world with the PS4.


Sony started the show with the Vita, the portable gaming device has 125 dedicated games and over 60% of all game purchases are done through the online store.

There will be 85 new titles for the PS Vita this year, including Batman Arkham Origins, Destiny of Spirits, Doki-Doki Universe, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway.

Sony will be remastering a lot of old games for the PS Vita, including FFX and X-2, God of War 1 and 2, Flower, and Dead Nation.

PS4 and PS Vita can work together and the gamer can use the PS Vita as a remote controller, instead of the dualshock, if they want.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The new Walking Dead game episode, 400 days, will be available on the PS Vita and other platforms this summer. With the PS Vita edition it will come with some other content.


The Last of Us has already got incredible reviews and the new trailer shows why the game is so special, it is dark, depressing and deadly, with immersive storytelling and strong survival instincts.


Puppeteer is a new platformer with an intriguing art style, it feels like Rayman with a little more circus slapped onto it. Coming for PS3 and PS4, we believe.


Rain is a new IP for the PlayStation, the art style reminds us of Dishonored and Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money, weirdly. The game features characters who are only visible in the rain, hence the title, we have no idea what the story will be about.


Beyond: Two Souls has revealed a new trailer for the PS3, in this, we see Jodie, the main character, grow from a test experiment into a war machine, being built by the CIA in close combat and shooting.

The game features an incredible art style and we believe the combat system will be tailored to an almost next generation experience. We will see it coming this fall for the PS3 and the PS4.


Grand Turismo 6 is the newest racing game for the PS4, we have already seen Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport 5 and The Crew, so why not another?

New Physics Model, New Aerodyanmics Model, Adoptive Tesselation will all be included in the new Grand Turismo game, according to the trailer.


$50,000,000 for Batman’s head and many evil-doers are taking it on. The new game, Batman: Arkham Origins, will be an exclusive PS3 title, it has new stealth and combat features.


Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PS3, Sony is offering an exclusive bundle for $299, this includes the game, the PS3 console and an elite GTA5 headset, for the best experience.


The PS4 has finally been unveiled, in the flesh. The new console has a complete redesign with a very unique build. We believe it looks better than the Xbox One and we can see why Sony waited a little longer to unveil it.


Sony has went deep into entertainment, as we expected given the first announcement was all about games. The company talks about new original programming and a possible service exclusively for PS4 and the PlayStation Network.

The PS4 will come with Netflix, Redbox Instant, Flixster and other streaming apps, this seems a little redundant compared to the Xbox One announcement regarding the entertainment system.


The Order: 1886 is a new IP from Santa Monica Studios and Ready At Dawn Studios, it looks like steampunk London, with large Zeppelins flying overhead and other out-of-time objects storming the House’s of Parliament. Some aliens in this game, we believe, flying out through the fog.


Killzone: Shadow Fall has a new trailer with some small gameplay elements, the graphics for the new game look incredible and this will definitely be the standard to beat for FPS’s on the next generation consoles.

The new trailer shows drone shields, enemy trackers and other useful weapons for gamers in the single player.


Another racing game is shown off again, Driveclub has an in-engine rendered trailer, showing the cars in races against one another. The racing looks good but we didn’t get a look at any gameplay.


inFamous: Second Son feels a lot like Prototype, the movements to take down enemies look the same as other games that have used those mechanics.

This seems like a game that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, this guy has superpowers and his brother is cool with it. Definitely should be checked out though, the graphics and combat look decent.


Knack has a new trailer, although it is about fifteen seconds long and doesn’t show much improvement since the last time we seen it at the PS4 reveal event. Perhaps this is just a kind way to say “these games are still in development”.


The Dark Sorceror is the newest game by the studio Quantic Dream, who develops Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The graphics look incredible, this is real time and it is amazing.

The trailer moves into an action studio, the design of the Sorceror is incredible, if this is the future of the console and what can be achieved, we want in, now.


SuperGiant Games, the developers of Bastion, has a new title for the PS4, called Transistor. The game has a lot of colour, it is a 2D fighter with some nifty design features and characters.

Klei Entertainment will be bringing Don’t Starve to the PS4 and Tribute Games will be bringing Mercenary Kings, a retro game with shooting elements, Octodad will also be coming to the PS4, as will SwitchBlade Monkeys.

Ragtag Studios will be developing a stealth action puzzler involving a zombie recruiting other ones to find out why he was killed. Red Barrels will be bringing Outlast to the PS4, a horror stealth game.

Lorne Lanning will be bringing Oddworld: New and Tasty, a remake of the original for the PS1, will be coming to PS4. 17bit games will be bringing Galaxy, a sci-fi space shooter, to the PS4.


The PS4 hit big with this announcement, they will be allowing independent studios to create games for the PS4 and this gives Sony a huge advantage on game content over Xbox, who do not allow self-publishing.


Diablo III will be coming to PS3 and PS4 and will come with PlayStation exclusive items.


Square Unix announced Final Fantasy XV, the next game in the series. We got a lengthy trailer from the developers and it shows a large world, with new combat and movement mechanics for a faster paced game. Final Fantasy 14 will also be coming to PS3 and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts III is now in development, a split project between Square Unix and Disney. We have no release date, although we expect it to come sometime in 2014.


Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has been shown off three times, at the Xbox event, the Ubisoft event and now the PS4 event. This time we see some actual gameplay footage, with the new protagonist, Edward Kenway, following a target.

Despite a little lag in certain moments, the gameplay seems very impressive, with new stealth manoeuvres and a whole new story and setting. Gunplay is a little more acceptable, it is certain reason enough to use a gun, with fast reload and attack speed.

We then got a preview of some battles on the water, the shooting is the same as on AC3, but the UI is a little easier to understand for attacks. Sadly, the end was stopped by lag, again.


Watch Dogs is the next game on the list, Ubisoft’s second triple A title for the next generation console. In this preview, Aidan Pearce is being hunted by the police and uses his advanced hacking skills to divert the police away from his position.

The world reacts around Pearce, people will call the police if Pearce sticks around the area too long. The hacking skill allows Pearce to take over CCTV and cameras and then help other vigilantes through the cameras, by hacking other objects too.

Tablet features are on the new Watch Dogs title, this allow gamers to interact through a tablet device and stop enemies from engaging. We are sure this is an optional feature and can be used without a tablet.

The Watch Dogs for PS4 will get an exclusive hour of gameplay and a new outfit for Aidan Pearce.


2K Games showed off NBA2K14, the new basketball game coming to next generation consoles. This new game has incredible graphics, with facial designs to match actual players and better dribbling.


Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PS4, Sir Michael John Gambon, who plays Albus Dumbledore, narrated the new unveiling, it was quite epic as you might expect.

The forces of Oblivion are seeping at every corner of Tamriel and it is the communities job to put an end to the vast amounts of evil and build good back into the land.

Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PS4 Spring 2014. The beta will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.


Mad Max will be a joint project between Warner Bros and Avalanche Studios, it will stick in the same world as the Mad Max movies and will coincide along with the new moie in development now.


The PS4 has 140 titles in development right now and 40 will have exclusive content for the console. The PS4 will also not have any restrictions on used games, unlike the Xbox One console.

Sony may have just got the most applause ever, in the history of E3. People were actually chanting ‘Sony, Sony, Sony’ as they announced the no used game policy.

The crowd was literally going wild and then it was announced Sony would not have any always-online modes. After taking a few sly jabs at Xbox One, they announced the new features to the PlayStation Network.


PS Plus members will have instant access to all content on the PS Vita and PS4 and the gamer only has to pay once for all three devices to be set up and working. The PS Plus network will cost less than $5 a month and will probably come with other plans.

PS Plus members will also get one free game per month, including Don’t Starve and other indie games.


Bungie and Activision finally get the first gameplay trailer of their upcoming title Destiny, the open world MMO shooter. The game will have a few different factions and online gameplay with friends or random players.

Texture quality and design on Destiny is superb, for an MMO, it is incredible and really shows the commitment both Bungie and Activision have put into this game.

There was a little bit of lag while the two gamers showed off some of the games potential. We believe this may be something to do with the event, as all three games have had small jitters in gameplay.

Incredible co-op, shows the immersive shooter experience when partnered with friends. Sony has gained a long term partnership with Bungie to keep developing updates for the PS4.


Sony has announced the cloud service, coming in 2014, for the PS4, PS3 and then the PS Vita. The cloud system, in partnership with Gaikai, will allow gamers to stream-play PS3 games on all consoles.

The PS4 will be coming to market at $399, €399 or £349 depending on your region. This is $100 lower than the Xbox One and Sony has pushed the boat out once again with this movement.

It will be coming to everyone in the holiday season this year.