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The Avengers Live Wallpaper For Android Devices, Don’t Install it!

Did you go and see the critically acclaimed movie, The Avengers? If so, you probably loved it like most people have. On this weeks Staff Picks I came across a really awesome Avengers Live Wallpaper for free. The only thing you won’t be seeing in the Wallpaper is Nick Fury. Other than that, it has great visuals…but…it also has a few issues.

The clock widget force closes upon installing the wallpaper and the developers of the wallpaper refuse to respond to any emails concerning the issues with the wallpaper. The new update? It’s requesting every intrusive permission there is. From GPS, reading the phone state, contact list, reading text messages. Unless the app is actually using the GPS, which it shouldn’t because its just a wallpaper, I would highly suggest not installing this app. A live wallpaper hasno need whatsoever to read your GPS and keep track of calls.

I hate to sound suspicious, but I would honestly be very weary about installing something like this. Though, they do make some really good live wallpapers, I think it’d be better to look online for something similar as that way, they aren’t reading your phone calls and GPS. I really don’t know why they would even think about doing that for a wallpaper.

I haven’t been able to find a similar wallpaper that isn’t by the company that created it. If you do find a image you like online though, it’s very easy to download it, look up the dimensions of your phone and open up a free image manipulating program. Then just resize it and throw it on your phone’s gallery. From there you can add it as your wallpaper. It won’t be a live wallpaper, but at least it’s something, right?

I’ve done Android development myself, and there has never, ever, been a reason to ask for permissions when making wallpapers. In fact, the books and videos I’ve been reading and watching advise against it.

Just a warning.