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New ASUS Tablet In The Making, Possibly?

This is actually a real mystery since the ASUS Transformer Infinity just recently released to the public. There’s been an ASUS tablet that had shown up out of the blue at the FCC today, titled with the model name “TF500T.” If you think about it, it naturally places the tablet right in the middle of ASUS’s existing tablet line-up, between the TF300 and TF700. Considering the model shown at the FCC is titled the “TF500T,” we can only expect that it will be another Transformer tablet entering their lineup.

Of course, as the standard has been for Transformer devices and according to a FCC document, is that the TF500T will have a Tegra chip in it. It’s indicted by the T at the end of the model name like their past tablets. That aside, we’ll only be able to tell you that it has the standard features for a tablet. You’ll be able to connect over Wi-Fi and you’ll the device will contain both an HDMI port and a microphone. Again, standard for a tablet of any kind, so it’s not really something to get excited over. I am curious as to what makes the TF500T different from the others though. We really haven’t seen much of a difference since the Transformer Pad for the lineup.

At this point, the TF500t could really be anything. As a wild guess, if it was a more affordable version of the Transformer Infinity, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m basing it off of the model number really. It’s in between the Transformer Pad and Infinity’s model number (TF300T and TF700T respectively). That could just be a wild guess though. I’m kind of hoping that this isn’t a remake of another Transformer tablet. I’d really love to see some notable changes come to it, or even a new design. Who knows, maybe this new supposed tablet could just be a way of fixing the microphone placement on the Transformer Pad? Whatever it is, hopefully we hear more about it really soon.

Are you looking forward to seeing what this new tablet from ASUS is all about? I am. They make some pretty good stuff and really in my opinion, are currently the top company when it comes to pushing the Android operating system to it’s limits. They’ve proved this over and over again with the Nexus 7 and Transformer Infinity being the most notable ones.

source: Android Police