How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that can’t send MMS (easy steps)

A premium phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be able to send and receive text message (SMS and MMS) without any issues but some of our readers have been complaining about because their devices reportedly stopped sending MMS for some reason. There are only two possibilities here; either the problem is related to

Samsung Galaxy A40 won’t send MMS after an update

When you send a text message and you attach anything to it, the message will be automatically be converted to MMS. It requires to have mobile data enabled for you to transmit such message. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A40 have complained about the problem wherein their phone won’t send MMS anymore. According to

What to do if Samsung Galaxy A40 can’t send SMS or text messages

Texting problems are among the most common issues any mobile phone owners may encounter. They occur every now and then but they’re not really that hard to fix. Some Samsung Galaxy A40 owners reported that they can’t send SMS or text messages after the recent update. It’s not really clear if such problems are due

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A10 that can’t send MMS

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A10 reported that they can’t send MMS from their phones anymore. The problem seems to have started after an update, which prompts us to believe that this could be a firmware-related issue. However, there are also other possibilities that we have to consider and rule out.  An MMS is

Samsung Galaxy A20 MMS won’t send. Here’s the fix.

Note: this article is for the Galaxy A20 model, follow the link for guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S20 that cannot send MMS. We have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers that own the Samsung Galaxy A20 saying that MMS won’t send on their phones. While a picture message is

How to fix a Galaxy A30 that can’t send picture messages or MMS

Picture messages or MMS are transmitted via mobile data. While it’s basically a text message, the attachments are what makes it bigger in size. Also, all text messages that has special characters or emojis, no matter the size, are always considered to be MMS messages. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A30 have complained to