Galaxy S6 won’t send emails, plus other apps issues

Conflicts with apps is one of the most common problems smartphone users face nowadays. In this post, we show to you some samples of #GalaxyS6 app problems shared by some members of our community. Galaxy S6 volume problem when playing music Galaxy S6 won’t send emails Galaxy S6 returns to the home screen when opening

Galaxy Note 4 not working after Android Marshmallow update, other issues

Have you noticed your Note 4 not working after Android Marshmallow update? If the answer to that is yes, go and read our suggestions below. We also include 4 other topics about the #GalaxyNote4 that might interest you: Verizon Galaxy Note 4 not working after Android Marshmallow update Galaxy Note 4 sluggish after Marshmallow update notification

Galaxy S4 can’t format SD card, other app issues

If there’s anything that makes owning a smartphone interesting, it’s obviously the fact that there are so many apps for almost everything. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play Store and other unofficial sources that obviously makes an aspect of our life a little bit better. However, these same apps can