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CES 2012: Check Out Text Rings… Interesting

Here at CES you’ll find things that are just, interesting. Text Rings is one of those. This North Carolina based start up was self funded however they now have some private investors.

Their product is part jewlery, part stylus and it’s called Text Rings. These small rings fit on the users thumbs and provide a capacitive touch stylus on the users thumb tips. The Text Rings allow you to text easier than using your actual finger tips, keeping your touch screen clean.

The founder insists that the text rings improve accuracy however Brent found that this just wasn’t the case. Brent who is a frequent texter, and uses his thumbs for texting, found that the text ring tips weren’t as accurate as he would have expected. In the video you will also notice that the text rings didn’t do much for the speed.

It is an innovative idea though, you don’t have to  pull out stylus to use your touchscreen if it’s already on your thumb tips. Currently the text rings are available here in a set of two and in black. The shocker though is that they are $29.99. While we can see the use for the text rings we don’t think we would rush out to get them.  Perhaps if the set of two was more in the price range of $10. After all you can get styli from the likes of Bracketron and Targus for under $15.00

Check them out here