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Texas Instruments showcases OMAP 4 based tablet running Windows 8 RT at Computext 2012

Computex 2012 has been a very busy week for a lot of people in the tech industry. We are seeing many interesting devices which are set to come out to the market in the coming weeks and months. One such device is Windows 8 tablet. Texas Instruments, the United States based chip development company, has been working on an OMAP 4 processor based Windows 8 tablet which it showcased behind closed doors at Computex 2012. Not all tech journalists were allowed inside the room, but The Verge was lucky enough to get a look at it and also a quick demo of the tablet.

The tablet, which is not yet named, was reportedly running an unstable version of Windows 8 RT, which is Windows 8 for ARM. The platform is gaining good momentum as the operating system is optimized for touch screen and also multi touch screens, which are very common in modern day tablets and smart phones. Another company, which is a rival of Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, also demoed a similar tablet.

Qualcomm had in place a tablet running on its new Snapdragon S4 and Windows 8 RT installed on it. It would have been really very nice to see both such companies showing off their awesome offerings. The Verge writes:

That’s probably for the best, though. OMAP product manager Bill Crean was kind enough to give us a quick demo, but it was immediately clear from glitches here and there that there’s a lot of optimization yet to be done, and there were a number of features he didn’t feel comfortable showing at all given the state of the current build.

So, even though the current build of Windows 8 RT needs some more tuning, it will be ready by the time the final version of the operating system hits the market. My guess is that  Microsoft will release the final build of the operating system for tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktop at the same time so that manufacturers will be able to release their tablets and netbooks with the operating system. Will you be buying any such Windows 8 RT tablet?