Microsoft Careful About Choosing Windows 8 RT Tablet Partners

Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT tablets are a few months away from an official release, and the company apparently is very strict with its approach. If reports are to be believed, the company is allowing chip makers like NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments to work with only two manufacturers. This means that you won’t see the

IFA 2011 Preview: Tablets, Washers Dryers And More Tablets

At press time we are just over five hours away from Samsung’s official Mobile news event called “Unpacked”. Absent this year from the event will be Samsung Mobile’s Vice President of Public Relations, Kim Titus, who has often hosted and emceed events like this.  In his place we are expecting Nick DiCarlo and Samsung Mobile’s

The Summer Of OMAP Continues With Thedroidguy & Texas Instruments

The Texas Instruments OMAP processor is one of the hottest things in Android this year.  The Motorola Droid 3 and the upcoming LG Thrill (Optimus 3D) feature the OMAP 4 dual channel processor. Texas Instruments is also one of the signature sponsors for the Android Homecoming and the Big Android BBQ.  Last year at the

Texas Instruments Making Battery Life A Priority

Sometimes people don’t realize in their smartphone they are carrying a mini computer capable of doing things we could only dream about, even back at the start of the new millennium.  Battery life is often the most talked about issue when it comes to any smartphone, but it’s especially plagued the Android user. Good battery

Droid 3 Available July 7 And July 14?

Our good friends at Pocketnow and Droid-Life reported earlier in the day that the Motorola Droid 3 on Verizon Wireless could be released both July 7th and July 14th, while this may sound confusing it actually ends a lot of the confusion. Apparently you will be able to purchase the Droid 3 via online or

Detailed Nexus S 4G Rumors Begin

This morning BGR is reporting, through an unnamed source, many of the features that you will see on the next official “Google” Android Phone and the flagship device for Ice Cream Sandwich. Now understand Jonathan Geller, Boy Genius Extraordinaire, has been doing this reporter thing, well, ,since he was a kid so he’s pretty sharp

Rumor: Ice Cream Sandwich – the chosen CPU? Texas Instuments

Due to our already heavy travel schedule we were unfortunately not on  hand at Computex so we must rely on sources that we trust.  As I write this our good friend Sylvie Barak has quite the scoop from Taipei.  She’s got a pair of articles on RCR Wireless regarding Google’s new BFF.  Texas Instruments Omap

Bionic Coming To Verizon With OMAP In Toe?

Now that the HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Droid Charge, and the LG Revolution have all been released on Verizon Wireless’ 4G/LTE network that leaves just one phone left.  Out of the quadruple play of Android 4G/LTE devices announced at CES in January only one remains and that is the Motorola Droid Bionic. A few months ago

Intel Blazing The Oak Trail With Android Enabled Processor

Intel, probably the best known processor manufacturer in the world, has officially thrown their hat in the Android ring.  Their Atom processors, codenamed “Oak Trail” have started to ship. One of the unique things about the new Oak Trail Chips is that they have the ability to run both Windows Phone 7 and Android. Of

Texas Instruments Introudce New Me-D Experiences

Although both had a presence at CES, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm were mum on big announcements this year, instead waiting for Mobile World Congress to make any big 2011 announcements.  Texas Instruments has done it again. A lot of Android enthusiasts think Snap Dragon, Hummingbird and Tegra 2 when thinking processors, however if youre one

Motorola Teams Up With Kopin and TI For Wearable Computer

Go Go Gadget Computer, that’s what I think when I see this… It looks like a virtual reality game. Aaron Kasten from and I actually saw it in person at a tech event in Dallas, TX over the summer.  What is it? It’s a wearable computer being developed by Motorola.  The new device that