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Retro Feature: Tetris

This is a series of posts featuring some of the new and good retro games that Google has been featuring. The goal is to give you a good idea of what the game is about and if it is worth the price they are asking for. This is NOT a review. Today’s retro feature is

Review: Tetris

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $2.99, $0.99 on iTunes Download: Google Play | iTunes Gamers who loved playing Tetris back in the old school and retro days of gaming are going to love to hear the news that Electronic Arts has actually developed Tetris for both iOS and Android platforms. Obviously you won’t have the

EA Launches Free Version Of Tetris Exclusively To Android

Tetris, the wildly addicting puzzle game that we’ve been playing since the original GameBoy is finally free. We’re not talking about some downloaded apk off a torrent site or getting a hook up or even an Amazon free for a day promotion. ¬†EA Sports has proudly announced that Tetris Free will join Scrabble Free in