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Tethercell Lets You Control AA-Battery-Operated Gadgets From Your Mobile Device

With 59 days left until its funding campaign ends on Indiegogo, Tethercell is roughly just a thousand dollars short of its funding goal of $59,000.


Developed by a company called Tetherboard, Tethercell is a battery controller that allows one to be in command of devices that are operated by AA batteries. Thus, items like toys, baby monitors, fans, remote control units, microphones, flashlights, or alarm clocks, among countless others, instantly get wireless control from an app downloaded onto a mobile device. Through the app, a user can turn a battery-operated device on and off, get a notification when the battery power of the item starts running low, as well as specify schedules and timers when the gadget may be used.

To make Tethercell work, one needs to pop in a regular AAA battery into the Tethercell adapter. Next, one should take out an AA-battery from the device which the Tethercell will control. The AA battery that is taken out is then replaced by the Tethercell adapter. Once the Tethercell adapter is in place, the device should be turned on.

On one’s smartphone or tablet, the Tetherboard app should then be opened to start enjoying the features of Tethercell.

According to the Indiegogo page, the Tethercell will support both Android and iOS. Among the devices which may be used with the Tethercell are the iPad Mini, iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, the latest iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Droid DNA, and HTC One X+. Tetherboard promises that more devices will be supported once they have begun shipping the product to its backers.

Meanwhile, the Tethercell app for Android and iOS is free to download for these devices. Tetherboard says that the Tethercell is able to work with an iPhone 4S for a distance of as much as 100 feet in an open space.

The developers are also working to allow the app to communicate with several Tethercell units at the same time.

Those who are interested in backing the product can head over to Tethercell’s Indiegogo  page and pledge as little as $35 or as high as $1,250. As usual, backers will get rewards that will correspond to the amount pledged.

Are you interested in purchasing a Tethercell?

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