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Testdroid Now Commercially Available for Android App Developers

The most recent Google I/O held at Moscone Center West in San Francisco features some of the most up-to-date and highly technical sessions centered on open web technologies, building mobile, web and enterprise applications, and more. One thing that created a significant buzz for app developers though was the newly released testing platform called Testdroid.
Developed by Bitbar, a technology and services company based in Silicon Valley and Finland, Testdroid is the first of its kind. This amazing testing platform is designed to provide developers a fast and convenient means to fully test an Android application in real time in a few minutes. Integrated to Eclipse, a software used to develop apps in Java, Tesdroid is a fantastic system that answers that need of developers in the Android ecosystem today. Bitbar said that that their Testdroid Cloud covers over 70% of the most popular Android mobile devices in the market today and new devices are added every week.
What the software does basically is to allow mobile app developers run fully automated tests on tens of Android devices at the same time. The test would results that can be analyzed within 10 minutes. This means that developers can save precious time in finding solutions to bugs haunting their apps in a wide-range of Android devices today.
Larger companies who want to run their own in-house tests on their phones can also benefit from Testdroid Server. Testdroid is currently serving big companies like Critical Path, LinkedIn, Flipboard, Telefonica, and many others.
Testdroid’s innovative approach to app testing paves the way to the eventual elimination of the manual and usually repititive testing of devices so that testing can be done on more than one device at a time. The Testdroid Cloud feature allows a developer to test an app on over 100 real Android devices hosted by Bitbar.
Quality Assurance for apps is an important aspect for developers to prevent their apps from getting bad ratings and frequent uninstalls.
Testdroid products are now commercially available for purchase at their official website. Testdroid Recorder for a month will cost around $99, three  months for $249, and $595 for 12 months. The Testdroid Cloud service can be used for $1 per run while big companies can use it for only $1499 per month. For parallel tests on multiple devices at the same time, the Testdroid Server can be accessed for free if one requests for a free trial. Bitbar is asking for a phone number or email so access to the server can given.