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Lenovo Terminator S9 Is The First Smart TV With NVIDIA Tegra K1 Chip

NVIDIA officially announced its latest chip called the Tegra K1 last January saying that it was designed for use in desktops, notebooks, and supercomputers. This low-power chip which is based on the Kepler architecture uses an ARM Cortex-A15 quad-core CPU and has a GPU with 192 cores. Having a powerful graphics chip makes it perfect for use in smart TVs which makes perfect sense that it is being used in the Lenovo Terminator S9 Smart TV.

Lenovo Terminator S9

The Lenovo Terminator S9 is the first smart TV to use the Tegra K1 chip. This 50-inch TV has a 4K display and runs on a custom version of Android 4.2 that allows consumers to run their favorite apps and games on a large screen. If this sounds impressive then you probably will be amazed by the fact that consumers can easily upgrade the Tegra K1 with a much more powerful chip in the future.

Lenovo introduces the Smart Card feature with this TV model which the company says will be used in all of its future Smart TV models. The Smart Card is what makes the TV set a smart TV. It is a removable card about the size of a deck of cards that houses the Tegra K1 chip, microUSB, and the microSD port. A leaked AnTuTu benchmark report also indicates that the Smart Card may also have 2GB of RAM as well as 4GB of storage space.

The Smart Card plugs at the back of the Terminator S9 using a proprietary 70-pin connector and gives the TV set its smart features. A Bluetooth remote is included which has a red power button and a circular touchpad in the middle allowing customers to navigate through the menu of the TV set.

Lenovo says that it will soon be selling TV sets that will have a slot for the Smart Card. Anyone can buy a TV set without getting the Smart Card however the TV will not have any smart functionality. The Smart Card will be offered separately and allows customers to upgrade their TV into a smart TV.

As of now the Lenovo Terminator S9 is only available to the Chinese market however the company is planning to make it available in other regions as well. This TV set costs 6,000RMB ($970) while the Smart Card costs 1,000RMB ($160).

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