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Is Motorola Etna the Motorola Terminator? First LTE Smart Phone on Verizon

Since CTIA in October this year, Taylor Wimberly over at has been working on bringing as much information on Motorola’s first dual core phone, which he dubbed the “Terminator”.

When Wimberly arrived in San Francisco for the CTIA conference he immediately began digging by speaking with Motorola Mobile CO-CEO, Sanjay Jah. He then shifted his focus to his friends at Nvidia and through a series of hush hush meetings he was able to get the background information on this Tegra 2 dual core Android device now being dubbed the “Etna”

Infosyncworld is reporting that the Motorola Etna could be Verizon’s first smartphone on their new LTE network.  Verizon has been vigourosly working on building out their LTE network in some 30 “NFL” markets before the end of the year. It is widely known that the LTE rollout will only involve a USB stick and Mifi device at launch with phones/handsets coming out in the first part of 2011.

The Motorola Etna will feature Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset.  LG offered this description of the chipset when describing their new LG Star phone: “The NVIDIA Tegra 2 offers the only ultra-low power NVIDIA GeForce GPU, 1080p HD mobile video processor and a dual-core CPU. Taking full advantage of the two speedy 1GHz processors sharing the workload in Tegra 2, users are promised up to 2x faster Web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over the first-generation.”

Verizon has announced that they will launch their first LTE smartphone in February of 2011. The Motorola Droid X has been rumored to have an EOL (end of life) in March of 2011 so that points even more to the fact that the Motorola Etna will be the first LTE smartphone.  There is speculation that the HTC Incredible HD will be available in April of 2011.

The Motorola Etna will also ship with the newest version of Android, Gingerbread which is widely rumored to make it’s debut with Samsung’s developer phone being dubbed “Nexus S”

Source: Infosyncworld

Motorola to debut a Tegra 2 dualcore “Terminator” phone?

On our recent trip to CTIA we noticed our good friend Taylor Wimberly of androidandme hard at work at a big project. Although we were pretty busy ourselves everytime we saw Taylor he had his phone up to his ear in a hushed tone and was off to another secret meeting. What was he working on? Well basically since sitting next to Sanjay Jha , Co CEO at Motorola, at last weeks Motorola/Verizon Mixer,  Wimberly has been working on getting the story of a Motorola Android device with Tegra 2 Processor and he’s all but done that now.

Wimberly reports in this article, originally posted on Androidandme last night, that Motorola is teaming up with Nvidia for this monstrous phone. Wimberly goes onto say that this new breed of Android device is Sanjay’s baby” and it will will make other Android devices look like “toys”

Matt Wuebbling of Nvidia confirmed to Wimberly that “Yes, we are working with Motorola. If you have questions, please check with Motorola, as we’re under NDA.”

Other emerging details include that this phone is headed for all 4 carriers ala the Samsung Galaxy S series, although first thought to be a Verizon flagship device.

From all the bloodhound work Wimberly did last week he’s gathered that the new device, he is labeling T2 or “Terminator” will debut early next year at CTIA. It’s completely hush hush though as Motorola doesn’t want to canibalize the other 7 Android devices they announced in conjunction with CTIA.

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