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Temple Run 2

5 Best Free Android Games Without Ads In 2019

Don’t want to spend the money on Android game that you might play for a couple days, and then leave it to collect dust in your app drawer? Then you might want to consider sticking to free Android games. Of course, then you run into the aspect that, everyone wants a free Android game, but

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 now offers Usain Bolt as a playable character

Imangi Studios has just announced a new add-on to the ever popular Temple Run 2 game. Users will now be able to play as none other than the World Record holding sprinter, Usain Bolt. This will be an in-app purchase of course, which will cost users $0.99. The developers mention that this is a limited

Temple Run 2 Hits Google Play

A few days after Temple Run 2 was released for iOS devices, the game has hit the Google Play Store for Android users to enjoy. Temple Run 2 is the follow-up to the one of the most popular games for mobile devices, Temple Run. Like the original, this sequel is also by Imangi Studios. Imangi

Temple Run 2 downloaded 20 million times in 4 days!

Temple Run is a very good game and has become so popular that it is now a household name. When launched back in August, 2011, the small indie developer, Imangi Studios, had no idea how successful it would be. It is worth noting that popularity of game didn’t gain momentum until they decided to let

Temple Run 2 Will Make its Way to Android Devices on January 24th

When we speak of games on mobile platforms, there are plenty that come to our minds. Beginning from Angry Birds which is one of the most popular mobile games right now, to games like Modern Combat, there’s basically something for everyone out there. And one such game is Temple Run from Imangi Studios which is