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Temple Run for windows phone OS updated

It took iMangi Studios over 18 months to release their mega hit game, Temple Run on windows phone platform. All these years, windows phone users were deprived of famous games like Temple Run and with the game finally available for windows phone users, they can look forward to the sequel of the game in a

Temple Run 2 Will Make its Way to Android Devices on January 24th

When we speak of games on mobile platforms, there are plenty that come to our minds. Beginning from Angry Birds which is one of the most popular mobile games right now, to games like Modern Combat, there’s basically something for everyone out there. And one such game is Temple Run from Imangi Studios which is

Review: Temple Run: Brave Edition

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $0.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes Temple Run: Brave is a take off of the original title Temple Run based and themed around Disney’s new movie, Brave. Temple Run: Brave was made by the same company, Imangi Studios but partnered with Disney. The game is very cheap and you really

Temple Run Has Arrived For Android (can I have my Inbox back)

Finally, I can have my inbox back as Imangi Studios has put their world famous hit Temple Run into the Google Play Store, and before mind you. This highly addictive game has you running through what seems like an Indiani Jones or pitfall adventure as fast as you can, jumping, and sliding whenever you

Temple Run For Android Delayed Yet Again

If you’ve ever had the chance to play Temple Run on an iPhone than you’d know that it’s an incredibly addictive, fast paced game. In Temple run you try and outrun these zombie like guys that are chasing after you. You’ve got one chance. Using gesture controls you move at an incredibly fast pace through