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Why You Should Try Tekkit In Minecraft

Mods are a bit intimidating to a lot of Minecraft players to install, but it might just be worth learning how that all works. Minecraft is fun its regular form, but wouldn’t you love to have a little extra added to it? To be honest, I personally would love having more things to work towards than just having finding diamonds basically being the end of the line. That said, the Tekkit mod pack expands Minecraft massively. You will always have something to do, and if you love having to think about things logically, you may find yourself loving the mod.

So, what is Tekkit? At the core of Tekkit, the mod adds industry into the world of Minecraft. Yes, the mod literally adds industry to Minecraft. One of the best things about Tekkit is that you can create complicated piping systems that will automate a lot of the things that you usually would do in Minecraft. In example, you can create a complicated piping system that would shoot raw materials to things like an Electric Furnace, and then when it is finished in the Electric Furnace, you could send the smelted material over to a specific chest. Of course, creating piping systems isn’t easy, as you will need to create a source of power for the pumps and pipes to start working. That said, you can also use electricity in Minecraft now. There are various ways to create electricity in Minecraft, sometimes you will use solar panels while other times you can use lava to transform that into energy, and then other times you can use regular batteries or even just the standard redstone torches.

Of course, to download this mod it is going to require that you have a copy of Minecraft and a server. However, if you don’t own a Minecraft server to put Tekkit on there, you can download the Singleplayer alternative known as Technic. It is essentially the same thing as Tekkit, just for people playing on singleplayer worlds. You can check more information about that by heading over to the official Tekkit website. Tekkit is essentially just a bundle mod that has a bunch of mods included that work together. You’ll find specific mods like BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft 2 and much, much more. You can check out the full list of mods over here. It is quite an expansive list, and does include quite a bit of notable mods.

Tekkit is a free mod and requires no purchase whatsoever. It offers countless hours of fun, especially if you are on an online server. Playing with friends and trying to build a massive corporation is probably the most fun aspect of Tekkit.

If the only thing holding you back from downloading Tekkit is the fact that you don’t know how to add mods to the game, you should head on over the Minecraft Forums where a user has kindly posted detailed instructions on how to install a mod into your client. After reading through that, installing Tekkit should be a breeze.