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Nvidia Preparing Another Quad Core First For MWC, Maybe More

Invites just went out to press attending Mobile World Congress (Team TDG Included) from Nvidia. As you can see the invite promises more “quad core firsts”,  which makes us think Nvidia and their hardware partners are going to launch multiple devices out of the world’s largest mobile trade show. The quad core powered Asus Transformer

Nvidia Q4 Revenue Hurt By Disk Drive Shortage

Nvidia, makers of the Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 processors found in dual core and quad-core processor toting Androids, has lowered it’s expectation for fourth quarter sales.  Nvidia will report their Q4 earnings after the markets close on February 15th. Nvidia is feeling the pinch that other chip manufacturers are feeling after major flooding in

Asus Transformer Prime To U.S. Retailers December 8th

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of the Asus Transformer Prime. The newest tablet by Asus qualifies as a super tablet as it’s the first with Nvidias Tegra 3 quad-core processor. As we found out earlier this year the Tegra 3 chip isn’t even a quad-core processor it has 5 cores with the

GameStop Outs Asus Transformer Prime Release Date?

We knew that the Asus Transformer Prime release date was just around the corner, but now, if the GameStop preorder page is correct we know exactly what the date is. According to the Transformer Prime will release on December 9th. GameStop has the tablet on preorder for $539.98 for the 32gb version which is

Nvidia’s Own Q3 Results Call Discredits HTC Edge Rumor

Lat week the interwebs were on fire with a report coming out of the camp about the upcoming HTC Edge. This device was rumored to be the first Android phone with an Nvidia Tegra 3 “Ka-El” processor. Our good friend Russell Holly and I talked about this on our way to an event last

The Nvidia Tegra Let Down?

Last year, as we were gearing up for CES, kind of like we are now, the world was on fire about the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.  We were expecting Android tablets, and phones to run faster than Firehiwot Dado and Buzunesh Deba. As those wonderful days in January approached last year, through the holiday bliss,

ZTE Shows Off First Nvidia Tegra 3 Android Tablet

Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, unveiled their Android tablet called the T98 at the PT/Expo Comm China in Beijing.  Although the name of the tablet is a little mundane what it’s packing under the hood is raising eyebrows. Apparently ZTE, and not one of the bigger named OEM’s, has the first Nvidia Tegra 3 (Kal-El) processor onboard

Motorola Working On A Quad Core Kal El Xoom Follow Up

According to tech site Fudzilla, Motorola is reportedly working on their next Android powered tablet and the source at Fudzilla has seen one in the field.  The newest Motorola tablet is reportedly a 4:3 format with a resolution of 2048×1536 which will bring images on the screen at such a high resolution you’ll almost be

Nvidia To Debut Tegra 3 At MWC? Fresh On The Heels of Tegra 2 Success

Next Month, on Valentine’s Day to be exact, the entire mobile industry in the world will converge in Barcelona (including thedroidguy staff as always) for Mobile World Congress.  There are a lot of companies expected to make huge announcements that are Android related. These companies include; Samsung, Sony Ericcson, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. Taylor Wimberly,