Wikipad Android gaming tablet to finally hit stores on June 11

The Wikipad Android gaming tablet is finally hitting stores in the US on June 11th for the price of $249. Retailers such as TigerDirect, Walmart, and BestBuy will be offering the device initially, but the Wikipad team hopes to partner with more retailers in the future. This launch comes long after the device was officially

NVIDIA Tegra 4

NVIDIA Tegra 4 specs leaked online

A presentation slide has recently been leaked online showing specifications of what is believed to be the next-generation Tegra SoC (system-on-chip) from NVIDIA, otherwise known as NVIDIA Tegra 4. The slide was reportedly first seen in China and that it currently bears a codename “Wayne,” according to a report from Engadget. It wasn’t revealed what

Alleged Roadmap For Nvidia Tegra 4 Surfaces

Nvidia’s Tegra family strategy is no secret. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang went on the record last year saying that we can expect a new iteration of the Tegra processor on an annual basis. With that in mind, what appears to be a roadmap for next year’s processor, the Tegra 4, has surfaced. We’re hearing this

Nvidia Wants Apple To Show Them The Money

When Nvidia talked quad-core Tegra 3 processors at Mobile World Congress, and earlier in the year when they showed off the Asus Eee Pad Tranformer Prime, they knew there would be challengers. Huawei claimed at MWC that their new K3V2 processor was 49% faster than Tegra 3.  Today, as Apple was unveiling the new iPad,

Nvidia Announces Games Optimized For Tegra 3

Nvidia’s Tegra Zone is a double edged sword. On one end if you have a Tegra device you can use the Tegra Zone app in the Android market to quickly locate games that are optimized for Tegra processors. On the other hand, the games in “THD” are only available for Tegra processors. Last year, with

Leaked: Motorola Atrix 3 With Quad-Core Tegra 3

Although Motorola has told that the phone pictured above is no more than just a concept, we tend to agree with them that it’s actually the Motorola Atrix 3. The report Pocketnow ran Friday morning pegs the Atrix 3 with an Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 10 megapixel camera on the rear with dual

LG 3X Outed Before MWC Tegra 3 Chip In Tow

While there was no set “theme” for mobile phones at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month, there certainly is for Mobile World Congress. That theme is quad-core Tegra 3. We’ve already been invited to both an HTC press event and Nvidia’s press event. Nvidia’s event promises “more quad-core firsts”.  It

Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core Phones To Hit Retail Shelves This Quarter

Nvidia delivered their 4th quarter earnings call yesterday. Earlier today we reported that Nvidia was talking about a new Tegra chip dubbed the “Tegra Grey” with 3G and 4G baseband radios built in. The other big news from the Nvidia earnings call was an ETA for when we can expect Android phones powered by Nvidia’s

NVIDIA Talks Tegra “Grey” With 4G/3G On Board

Silicon giant Nvidia held their Q4 earnings call on Wednesday. Their numbers were just about inline with what they had planned except for a dip in sales and production as a result of Thailand flooding, and a dip in OEM’s for mobile purchasing their chips. Nvidia is ramping up for a good year. We already

Nvidia Preparing Another Quad Core First For MWC, Maybe More

Invites just went out to press attending Mobile World Congress (Team TDG Included) from Nvidia. As you can see the invite promises more “quad core firsts”,  which makes us think Nvidia and their hardware partners are going to launch multiple devices out of the world’s largest mobile trade show. The quad core powered Asus Transformer

Nvidia Q4 Revenue Hurt By Disk Drive Shortage

Nvidia, makers of the Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 processors found in dual core and quad-core processor toting Androids, has lowered it’s expectation for fourth quarter sales.  Nvidia will report their Q4 earnings after the markets close on February 15th. Nvidia is feeling the pinch that other chip manufacturers are feeling after major flooding in

Asus Transformer Prime To U.S. Retailers December 8th

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of the Asus Transformer Prime. The newest tablet by Asus qualifies as a super tablet as it’s the first with Nvidias Tegra 3 quad-core processor. As we found out earlier this year the Tegra 3 chip isn’t even a quad-core processor it has 5 cores with the

GameStop Outs Asus Transformer Prime Release Date?

We knew that the Asus Transformer Prime release date was just around the corner, but now, if the GameStop preorder page is correct we know exactly what the date is. According to the Transformer Prime will release on December 9th. GameStop has the tablet on preorder for $539.98 for the 32gb version which is

Nvidia’s Own Q3 Results Call Discredits HTC Edge Rumor

Lat week the interwebs were on fire with a report coming out of the camp about the upcoming HTC Edge. This device was rumored to be the first Android phone with an Nvidia Tegra 3 “Ka-El” processor. Our good friend Russell Holly and I talked about this on our way to an event last

The Nvidia Tegra Let Down?

Last year, as we were gearing up for CES, kind of like we are now, the world was on fire about the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.  We were expecting Android tablets, and phones to run faster than Firehiwot Dado and Buzunesh Deba. As those wonderful days in January approached last year, through the holiday bliss,