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TED 2.0 launches on Google Play with 20 new languages



TED has received a solid Android update straight to 2.0, with the inclusion of 20 new subtitle languages and some new UI changes. The move comes as TED continues to be used on both Android and iOS for presentations from some of the most fascinating speakers in the world.

These twenty new languages allow the app to be usable for over 100 different countries. There is also subtitle translation support on 102 languages, allowing TED to be a truly global app. This was all made possible by the efforts of volunteers at TED, who work tirelessly to get the translation tools on the app.

Even though TED was originally an iOS app, it seems to be a fully fledged dual-platform application now, with the web version sitting behind just a touch. The mobile app has been incredibly successful on both platforms and we can expect the group to grow with new users.

Android users can download the app today.

Source: Google Play