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NY Start Up “Moat” Looks To Change The Online Advertising Game With Hovering

One of the hardest parts about operating a technology based website is that our core demographic doesn’t click ads. In fact a lot of you have ads totally disabled. Sure you may still see our static ads like Millennial Media and Wilson Electronics but our ad publishers ads might not even be on the page you’re looking at.

Over 15 years ago clicking on a banner advertisement looked like a really good way to make money.  Sure there was the online ad boom and clicking meant everything. Now though, according to Media mind .08% of American’s click on a banner ad and .14 American’s click on a rich media ad.  To top that off according to this piece in adweek, direct mail (think Val Pack) still sees a 3% conversion rate.  Is online advertising dead?  Moat doesn’t think so.

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