Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear ‘Lacks Something Special’

Along with many other smart watches, the Galaxy Gear has been expected for some time now, and while we all wait for manufacturers to put more emphasis into the wearable smart tech market in the near future, we’ve got to look at what today offers us, and to be quite frank, there really isn’t that much


Salesforce acquires ExactTarget for $2.5 billion

Salesforce is not one to shy away from acquisitions, but this is the first time the global enterprise technology company has stepped over the $1 billion mark, with a $2.5 billion move to acquire ExactTarget. The move has been approved by both boards and we suspect the deal will close in July. This is a pretty

Samsung Galaxy Note II Can Create Water Art!?

Phablets are becoming an extremely popular device despite complains of the size. Samsung’s latest ad for their recently released Galaxy Note II shows Steak Studio, a London based design consulting firm, creating interactive water art controlled by the Galaxy Note II, probably the greatest phablet on the market. The art display features 408 fish tank

United Kingdom Spearheads Bionic Bee Research

The University of Sheffield and the University of Sussex are conducting a joint research in an attempt to come up with “bionic bees” by simply scanning the nectar-sucking insect’s brain and uploading the data gathered into autonomous flying robots, Cnet reported last week. According to reports on Sunday, researchers and engineers from two universities

Bristol U Researchers Unveil Tilt 3D Screens Prototype

A team of researchers at the University of Bristol recently unveiled a new type of display that provides an illusion of depth. Unlike today’s 2D screens which enable viewers to see 3D images, the prototype consists of with nine separate screens arranged in a 3 x 3 configuration that physically tilt and move on its

Millennial Media Tops List Of Fastest Growing Maryland Tech Companies

Normally when we write about Millennial Media and numbers, it’s numbers about smartphones coming from the Baltimore based firm. So tonight the tables get turned as we’ve learned via the Baltimoresun, that Millennial Media is the second fastest growing tech company in the state of Maryland this year. Millennial Media publishes the Mobile Mix report

HTML 5 Track Added At Streaming Media East

We know that those of us lucky enough to get a Google IO ticket in time will be in San Francisco on May 10th and 11th but for those of you that didn’t or live on the east coast there is a conference called Streaming Media East being held at the Hilton New York City

Steve Jobs Doll Banned Too

The internet was an explosion of Steve Jobs madness when it was revealed that MIC Gadget, a Chinese manufacturer was making Steve Jobs dolls. I wanted one to burn. The Steve Jobs doll was available online for the low price of $79. After selling out of their first batch of 300 they received the almighty

What is IWNY?

IWNY is Internet Week New York Why am I here? Well having lived in High Point North Carolina for 5 years, I was used to the furniture market and in some ways this event is like the furniture market. All over New York City there are events happening that are related to the internet, start