Chamillionaire Arrives At Tech Crunch Disrupt, Nexus S In Tow, And Loves It

Back in July when tech investor/hip hop artist Chamillionaire attended the TechCrunch Mobile First event he asked some pressing questions of Android lead designer Matias Duarte.  Chamillionaire had expressed frustration over the Android phones that he has already used.  He struck a nerve in the Android community who thought he was just another rapper dissing

TDG AT TCD: RingShuffle

With so many exhibitors at TechCrunch, each startup company had to do something different to set themselves apart from one another. One company gave free samples of chocolate covered bacon (yum!). Another startup gave away free socks. RingShuffle raffled off a free date. First of all,..what?! Second, what did a date have to do with

TDG AT TCD: Appscribe

Here on, we review and recommend some great apps for you to check out. Usually, there are lite or free versions but in order to support the developer, please try out the paid versions. However, with all the great apps out there (and a shallow wallet for some), paying for each app can add

TDG AT TCD: FlyScreen for Android

One thing I love about Android is the fact that the customization never ends. Once you think you’ve got your phone/tablet just the way you want it, something comes along and you want more. At TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 in San Francisco, I had the chance to talk to the team from FlyScreen.

TDG AT TCD: YouNow Launches At Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt is going on in San Francisco and of course Thedroidguy has a team on the ground there.  By now we’re sure you’ve heard that Mike Arrington did do the opening remarks, his last as any official part of the TechCrunch team.  However, as Arrington pointed out, this TCD in San Francisco isn’t about

Huge Week At Thedroidguy

This week we’ve got a huge week planned for our loyal Twitter followers, TDGN listners and TDG readers. First off, this weekend we’ve got teams in Pennsylvania, New York and DC to cover the 10th anniversary of September 11th with meporter, the 360 app and live share. Then Monday-Wednesday we have a TDG crew at

Sports Fans Get In The Game With The Connect Platform By One Up

After sifting through all the social media aggregators, photo apps, app discovery sites and other start ups all operating out of the same space we found something truly unique and well really freaking cool at TechCrunch Disrupt. A new company called One Up, that can be found online at, has found a way for

TechCrunch Disrupt Closing Ceremonies

Who will win the $50,000 Grand Prize and the Disrupt Cup?? Startup Battlefield Audience Choice Awards – GetAround Startup Battlefield – 5 finalists [email protected] GetAround BillGuard Sonar InvoiceASAP Final Three – Bill Guard GetAround Sonar 2 runners up – because the companies were of such high caliber. Get Around wins the Disrupt Cup $50,000 Grand Prize.

Disrupt Live: Michael Arrington Fireside With Google’s Marissa Mayer

3:43pm: Arrington is harping on Mayer to reveal what percentage of Google searches are mobile. Arrington asked Mayer would you rather me tweet out your cell phone number or give me the Google Mobile Search numbers 3:42pm Arrington asked Mayer about personal investments and angel funding 3:40pm Mayer says that the crossover between desktop and

The Worst Thing We Saw At Disrupt: Project Zebra

We received the email below on Tuesday morning. That was of course fail number one, go ahead and try and get some time to pitch us on the same day at a major event but that’s not what’s wrong with Project Zebra. After reading the email and press release below I decided to check it

Google’s sweets maker – Themendous

Admit it, like the rest of us, when a new version of Android is announced you keep searching to see if the latest statue has arrived on the front lawn.   A tradition began with the first cupcake statue followed by Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, and most recently Honeycomb. More after the break

Disrupt Live: Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Paul Graham were interviewed by Charlie Rose this morning at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC 2011. Graham gave some great insight into what it takes to win over the Y-Combinator team in your ten minutes. Although “Two and a half men” was off limits, Kutcher gave a very interesting interview that highlighted his

Disrupt NYC Coverage: Skyfer

We caught up with the creator of Skyfer on Start Up Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC on Monday afternoon. Skyfer was first introduced to Android and then ported over to iPhone, so what does it do? Well skyfer is a way to find service people like plumbers, carpenters, maintenance people, handymen, even babysitters etc.  The

Disrupt NYC 2011 Coverage: Quixey

We’re bringing you continuous team coverage of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011. Earlier today we saw an amazing app discovery engine called Quixey. Quixey is great because it searches just about every platforms apps known to man and commercially available. But sure that sounds easy enough right? Well Quixey has put a whole new spin on

Live From Disrupt: Battlefield Session 3, Disrupting Commerce

Sneakpeeq Sneakpeeq makes online shopping a social experience.  When a users “peeqs” at an item, it actually drops the price of the shopping item.  By looking at your friends “peeqs” you are able to use “game mechanics” to help identify which items you might buy.  Tying in to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites will

Live From Disrupt: Battlefield Session 2 Overview

Spot On is a new recommendation app based on the location based FourSquare API. SpotOn brings a different way of recommending places to people by building a network of your friends and not just random strangers.  Through this network you get recommendations of establishments based on people you actually know. Another thing that sets SpotOn