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Could We Finally See Google Drive Next Week?

If rumors reported by The Next Web are to be believed (and they are usually right) we could see Google’s cloud based storage service called, Google Drive, as early as a week from today.

According to TNW Google Drive will simultaneously be available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. As we’ve heard a number of times before we should see 5gb free as part of Google’s offering. Is that enough though to compete with 25gb you can typically pick up free from Drop Box or 50gb you can get free from

Google is hoping that people who are regular Google service users will flock to their cloud based storage service which will operate alongside your other Google services. We’d love to see full on integration with Google docs, and photos from Google+ but none of that has been reported just yet.

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As Expected Tech Crunch’s Greg Kumparak Joins PandoDaily

Greg Kamparak photo: Kamparak's Google+

The exodus at AOL owned TechCrunch continues. Earlier this week it was leaked that TechCrunch’s mobile editor, Greg Kumparak, was leaving TechCrunch. At the time Kumparak announced his departure he didn’t say he was going, but of course the obvious place was PandoDaily.

PandoDaily is the new start up focused site that was started by former TechCrunch editor Sarah Lacy. Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund led an angel round for the new site that was over 2.5 million dollars.

Lacy announced a couple of weeks ago that PandoDaily was holding monthly meet ups. The first of which was tonight. Arrington was the featured guest and had a fireside chat with Lacy. It was also announced that Kumparak was joining the PandoDaily team tonight.

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Gay Dating And Cruising App, Grindr, Wins Best Location App At Crunchies

Companies that have released heterosexual, straight, casual dating apps may be able to learn a thing or two from Grindr. Grindr is a casual dating app designed just for gay guys. It’s available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Grindr was founded in 2009 and is based in Los Angeles California. They have over 3 million users worldwide and see 10,000 users per day that access the site over 8 times a day for an average period of 1.5 hours per session.

Grindr beat out RunKeepr, Airbnb, Uber and Foursquare.

Grindr allows you to use the app whether you have an account or not and you can peruse photos and bios of other gay men in your area based on location or proximity to your phone.

TDG Live: 2012 Crunchies

This years Crunchies aren’t going to be the same without Michael Arrington, Heather Harde or any of the other legacy TechCrunch members who’ve now left the AOL owned website for other endeavors or Sarah Lacy’s Pando Daily. Nevertheless, the show must go on and on it is!

GigaOM, VentureBeat and TechCrunch have teamed up for the 2012 Crunchies happening now at the Davie Symphony Hall in San Francisco California, and as you’ve come to expect Thedroidguy and Nibletz team are in the house ready to provide the interwebs with great coverage.

We’re about 5 minutes away from the start and you can catch a livestream by following this link to TechCrunch. 

We’ll post more photos in a bit!

Airbnb Android App Now In The Market

The somewhat controversial website Airbnb that lets you rent out rooms, apartments, and houses in a hotel fashion has now added an official Android app to the market.

While the majority of Airbnb’s bookings go just fine, the company came under fire back in July when one of Airbnb’s property renters came home to find his house ransacked and meth pipes everywhere according to this story written by Mike Arrington during the better TechCrunch days.

Six months later the horror stories have died down and Airbnb has remained focused and expanded to some 19,000 cities in 192 countries worldwide.

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Themendous Takes Us Behind The Scenes At His Android Statue Making Studio

Our good friend Themendous is the guy who makes the larger than life sized Android statues that site on the lawn in front of Google’s building 44 the Android building.

We’ve seen them all on the lawn, and I’ve even posed with every one of them except the Ice Cream Sandwich one. While we know in the back of our minds that he’s diligently working on the Jelly Bean statue, we are also sure that his agreements with Google mean he can’t acknowledge that or even show us.

Themendous has another client though, that’s not so secretive and that is AOL’s TechCrunch.  The Crunchies are just two weeks away and thedroidguy staff will be there alongside our sister site to cover all the action.

As Crunchie award winners take home their statues they will be able to pose with a larger than life Crunchie statue designed by Themendous whose real name is Giovanni Calabrese.

Themendous sent us these pics as he puts the finishing touches on Crunchie who was a staple of the original regime of TechCrunch that can now be found at PandoDaily.

For a couple more shots check out this story over at nibletz

(You didn’t really think we could show you the next Android statue did you)

Android Tablets To Become The “Go To Gaming Console” In China?

DCM's David Chao Expects Android Tablets To Become The Go To Gaming Device In China

We recently reported that Gamestop was going to test market Android tablets by Samsung, Asus and Acer in 200 of their stores. Their plan is to couple the Android powered tablets with a controller offering from Gamestop that gives users access to gaming content in the cloud.

Fast forward to Sunday and Tech Crunch Bejing, and it seems that the general consensus at their “Android Fever” panel is that Android, is  of course winning. TechCrunch’s chief gadget guru, our friend, John Biggs, reported that  panel which consisted of Wang Hua of Innovation Works, John Lagerling, Director of Global Partnerships at Google, and David Chao of DCM.

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New Version Of Gowalla Brings Gowalla Guides Now Available In The Android Market

Last week Josh Williams, CEO of Gowalla, announced some major upcoming changes to the Gowalla experience. The biggest of those changes is “Gowalla Guides”. In addition to the normal check-in to let your friends, family and followers know where you are, Gowalla wants people to use their service to discover new places.

This idea isn’t new for Gowalla, one of the things that has always set Gowalla apart from apps like Foursquare was their trips feature.  With trips you could customize a local sight seeing trip that encourages certain checkins. Whether it was in a smaller area like a town or say Disney World, or the Google offices around the world trip which included offices from Mountain View to Washington DC to Germany, trips added a unique discovery component to Gowalla.

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Netflix Gets A Name Change For DVD Business

As we learned back on July 12th, Netflix has decided to separate it’s dvd by mail business and it’s streaming business. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was panicked that his company wouldn’t be able to make the transition to something new.  Take Borders for instance, once the iconic big box bookseller, they didn’t last because they didn’t push to change to e-books or push their own e-reader. While Barnes and Noble is ripe for a buy out, they were able to survive by changing with technology.

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TDG AT TCD: RingShuffle

With so many exhibitors at TechCrunch, each startup company had to do something different to set themselves apart from one another. One company gave free samples of chocolate covered bacon (yum!). Another startup gave away free socks. RingShuffle raffled off a free date. First of all,..what?! Second, what did a date have to do with RingShuffle? Thirdly, no I didn’t go on a date but the app is pretty awesome!


TDG AT TCD: YouNow Launches At Disrupt

The Crowd at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011's Start Up Alley photo: TDG

TechCrunch Disrupt is going on in San Francisco and of course Thedroidguy has a team on the ground there.  By now we’re sure you’ve heard that Mike Arrington did do the opening remarks, his last as any official part of the TechCrunch team.  However, as Arrington pointed out, this TCD in San Francisco isn’t about Arrington it’s about the companies and one has really impressed us so far.

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Tech Savvy Rapper Chamillionaire Disses Android Big Time

Tech Entrepreneur Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Seriki on stage at TechCrunch's Social Currency CrunchUp 2010

Although it seemed our good friend Chris Chavez over at Phandroid dismissed Chamillionaire as just another rapper it’s very important to point out that Chamillionaire is very active in tech groups in houston and other areas in Texas.  Chamilionaire was spotted several times at the tech portion of SXSW this year and also paneled at CES.  Chamillionaire is quite tech savvy so when he told Android’s top designer Matias Duarte “I’ve used all these different devices, they suck.” Chamillionaire at least gave the devices a run for their money.

Chamillionaire was at Tech Crunch’s Mobile First Crunch Up. Heather Harde and Mike Arrington do a good job of attracting not just your normal technical speakers but other celebrities who are active in technology, to their events.  Even Hammer has attended a TechCrunch event.

Duarte kept his cool in replying to Chamillionaire saying “I’m hoping that pretty soon we’re gonna have an android phone you’re gonna love,”.  Duarte has been back with Andy Rubin for a little over a year now.  In May of 2010 Duarte left shop at Palm to join Andy Rubin who he had worked with at Danger developing the UI for the Sidekick.

After the initial exchange TechCrunch followed up with Duarte asking him what Android device he was currently using. Duarte said the Nexus S and Chamillionaire agreed to try it out.

Oh and by the way if you’re doubting Chamillionaire’s Tech Credo Hakeem Seriki, aka “Chamillionaire” has invested in Y Combinator start ups Vidly and the ever so blog popular Disqus. In 2009 Seriki launched the Global Innovation Tournament at Stanford University.

So no he’s not just a rapper and I would be curious to get his opinion on the phones he uses and why

Source: Phandroid

TechCrunch Wins The Engadget TechCrunch War

TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde now in charge of TechCrunch and Engadget (photo: TechCrunch/Cruncbhase)

A memo this morning from AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong outlined a bunch of major changes within AOL’s advertising structure. AOL’s ad sales boss Jeff Levick is out and one of Armstrong’s confidant’s, Ned Brody is replacing him.

Armstrong, a former Google executive, has been trying to rebuild AOL into a premium content centered organization. Back in January it was reported that AOL still makes 80% of it’s revenue off of subscribers that are either too lazy to cancel their AOL subscriptions or don’t realize you no longer need to pay AOL to keep your AOL email address. Armstrong is hoping through some very lucrative content acquisitions, he can make a huge business out of and AOL owned content sites like The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Engadget.

A few months back TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington and Engadget’s Editor In Chief, Joshua Topolsky started throwing internet blows against each other in a widely publicized internal blog war.  When news of The Huffington Post acquisition started to surface Topolsky and most of his Engadget crew started a mass exodus for This Is My Next and now The Verge.  Senior Editor Nilay Patel, immediately followed suit.

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MySpace’s Tom Anderson Humbly Describes What Could Be Google’s Social Problem

It seems that on Google+ we are getting a lot more great information out of Tom Anderson, founder and first friend on MySpace, then we did when he was our friend on MySpace.  Here’s a guy that created one of the first successful social networking sites that is actually taking a step back and just being social these days.  I mean he doesn’t ever have to work again in his life but here and now he’s actually full on participating in Google+.  In an editorial he wrote for TechCrunch this past weekend Anderson says he uses Facebook as much as Google+ however his timelines tell a different story.

In his editorial Anderson sheds some light on what may have gotten in the way of Google’s success in it’s two previous social networking projects, Buzz and Orkut.  Anderson writes in his TechCrunch piece

Google is an algorithm driven-company. “PageRank” (named after Larry Page himself) was the “founding algorithm” of Google—the one that gave it superior search results, and eventually led to Google “winning” the search wars of the early 2000s. The algorithm continues to evolve—in fact, it’s Google’s most important work—and by some accounts, it includes more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms to perform its magic.

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