Beluga Acquired By Facebook

See that didn’t take long, one App of the week review from and they are acquired, of course that’s not really how that happened… Beluga was founded by 3 ex-googlers and was catching on fast. Beluga is a group messaging service where the user makes pods and can essentially replicate a group chat so

When News crosses that line to Gossip… OpEd

Recently there has been a big push in Android news that “news” sites are getting exclusive information on new devices or products “going” to be launched in future. These sites claim to have an “insider” who has sent them info on said product, such as the Droid X2 or Droid 3, (which I might  add

Mikes Arrogance Or Business Insiders Ignorance? OpED

So the other day Mike Arrington called out the Engadget possee for purchasing ads on Google.  Engadget quicky rebutted saying that AOL paid for those ads and not them.  Business Insider (for the same reason I’m doing this right now, to get more hits LOL) decided to postulate a hypotehsis on this and suggest that

Android: I is For Ice Cream Sandwich

With all of the delicious sounding build out names for Android we would expect Andy Rubin to be a hefty man, obviously it’s not the case. No matter who it is with the sweet tooth at the Googleplex the next version of Android after 3.0 Honeycomb is Ice Cream. Rubin told Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington

HTC Planned Leaks Result in 10 Pictures of Nothing

Some of the major websites in our industry received some non-blurry-cam pictures late Tuesday from an unofficial, or maybe it was an official, HTC leaker.  Tech Crunch did a great job of editorializing this whole escapade, but if you don’t read Techcrunch here’s the lowdown. Taylor Wimberly over at is always talking about “planned