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Unconvincing teaser image of the Galaxy Note 7 appears online

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote6 is supposedly known as the #GalaxyNote7. Now, this is not exactly news to us, but an alleged teaser almost tries to confirm the new moniker. The reasoning behind Samsung wanting to go with the Note 7 instead of the Note 6 is not known, although the teaser doesn’t convince us one bit.

One M10

HTC teases the arrival of its One M10 flagship

The arrival of the #HTC #OneM10 flagship is barely a secret at this point. Several leaks have speculated that the handset will be unveiled on the 11th of April. That’s about two more months from now. Up until now, HTC was relatively quiet about its flagship, but the company has decided to change that now by

LG G3 need to know: final rumor recap and preview

LG far from reinvented the wheel when unveiling the funky-looking, slim-bezeled, rear physical button-toting G2 last summer, but somehow the gigantic 5.2 incher felt like the biggest mobile innovation in years. Sure, it nowhere near challenged Galaxy S4 or Note 3’s booming sales numbers. Yet it once and for all put LG on the map,

HTC posts a new teaser video for the All New HTC One

The All New HTC One is expected to be unveiled next month on the 25th of March, with event invitations already going up. And as with any new release, it is common for the manufacturer to post a few teaser images and videos to hype the inevitable arrival of its new device. HTC has done

Oppo Find 7 debut set for March 19, benchmark lists Full HD display, not 2K

Little-known China-based electronics manufacturer Oppo made its first waves in the Android landscape by partnering with CyanogenMod for the swiveling camera-toting N1 handheld, but it became clearer and clearer over the past few months that the 5.9-incher was just the beginning. Oppo’s next step in its quest to world domination? A little big thing called


ASUS CES 2014 video asks: What’s your number?

ASUS posted a mysterious teaser video for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 next month. This is the manufacturer’s second teaser video for the event. The first one, which hinted at a new dual-boot Android and Windows 8 tablet, was posted a few days ago. The new teaser, meanwhile, shows a bunch of balls

NVIDIA Tegra Note

NVIDIA Tegra Note video released

NVIDIA is showcasing the features of the NVIDIA Tegra Note in a new teaser video in an attempt to fuel excitement for the tablet. The teaser video underscores the NVIDIA Tegra Note’s ultra-fast mobile processor, the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4. This processor, according to the manufacturer’s claim, makes the slate the fastest 7-inch tablet in the

HTC Great Trios in History

HTC “Great Trios in History” infographic teases One Max

A new HTC One teaser has just arrived, in the form of an infographic. Titled “Great Trios in History,” the infographic suggests that the three HTC One phones, the original HTC One, the HTC One Mini, and the new HTC One Max, are at par with the other trios that have have secured themselves definite