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Review: Teamspeak Communication System for Mobile

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

If you’re apart of a gaming group or some sort of online community, most likely that community is going to have a TeamSpeak or Ventrillo server. These are basically free VoIP clients that allow you to chat with friends across the world. TeamSpeak was actually developed in Germany and surprisingly has a huge fan base in the United States which eventually made for a English version of the client. The client works fairly easy, someone purchases a server to use, that person gives you the I.P address and all of the servers credentials, you hook up to that server and begin chatting with friends or others in an online community or something.

It’s a pretty cool client and is very stable. It’s original platform was for the PC but recently they’ve expanded it into the Google Play Store which wasn’t really surprising. It seems like something that would work really well on an Android device anyway, therefore it should be a pretty solid app right? Well, some of that is true and some of that is false. TeamSpeak for Mobile started out as a really, really good app but has slowly become a mess that hasn’t even been fixed yet. It isn’t a app-breaking mess, but it does make things rather difficult.

The largest complaint of the TeamSpeak app is that it refuses to run as a service on the Android operating system. That means it is impossible to use any other apps on your device while TeamSpeak is open. If you open up another app TeamSpeak will close and disconnect you from any chat server you joined and will therefore abruptly interrupt conversations. This is a terrible thing that really needs to get fixed. It needs to act more like Skype in this sense where it just minimizes itself instead of closing the whole application.

The other issue that’s been happening is that the app will force close on you and possibly even restart your phone if someone else begins to talk on the server the same time as you’re talking. This was pretty ridiculous to even have in the beta client, hopefully that will get worked out very soon.¬† The Google Play page claims that developers are working their hardest to squash bugs and different glitches in the app but I personally haven’t seen an update since August 10th of 2011 when the last updated was released. Kind of disappointing.

Aside from those two glitches I think this is a great free app for communicating with others. If you can avoid talking while others are talking and the other way around I think you’ll be able to make this app pretty useful if your either hosting a online community or just taking part in an online community. Either way, the app serves both purposes. TeamSpeak for Mobile is still in beta, so there may be a future review on this, but as far as I am concerned, they haven’t updated the app in a year therefore probably deciding that this was the official release. That just all speculation though.