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Another Satisfied Power Bag Winner: Cyanogen Mod’s K-Mobs

Anyone who’s familiar with Cyanogen Mod, and Team Douche, knows K-Mobs. If you know K-Mobs he’s one busy dude. K-Mobs is busy studying to be a doctor, working on cyanogenmod, being a resident tech guru and riding his bike around the streets of Austin Texas. That’s why he tweeted @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag with his location and the hash tag #sxswPowerup and won a full sized Powerbag back pack instantly. It’s that easy.

So far the contest has been great we’ve given away Powerbags to iPhone owners, Blackberry owners, and Android owners, of course, from around the country, and down the street.

We’ve got two days to go so hurry and try to win yourself a Powerbag at South By Southwest.

Here’s how to win: