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March Madness: Catch Complete Coverage Of The NCAA Tournament On Slacker Radio


March Madness is heating up right now with the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and with that Slacker Radio is beefing up their content offerings.

Slacker has announced a partnership with Dual Global, the leader in play-by-play radio sports. Through this partnership Slacker Radio will offer all 67 games in the NCAA Division I Men’s Tournament. The coverage began Tuesday evening.

Dial Global will supply coverage of the women’s tournament, as the college world series and lacrosse championships.

“We are thrilled to offer the millions of Slacker mobile listeners free access to Dial Global’s coverage of the NCAA Championships,” said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker. “These live broadcasts will be appreciated by all sports fans, with more to come as we continue to expand our content to meet the needs of our listeners.”

You can easily find the NCAA coverage within Slacker’s features stations as well as by searching the Slacker radio app.

You can also keep up with the latest tech on TDGN on Slacker Radio

TDGN Bringin All The Heat From MWC 2012 24 Hours A Day On Slacker Radio

If you haven’t heard TDGN on Slacker Radio than you’re really missing out. TDGN is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Slacker and AOL radio. We’re not talking just a hodge podge of songs that thedroidguy has programmed, no this is a full service, dj curated radio station hosted on Slacker Radio. You can also hear it on AOL radio as well.

TDGN plays all your favorite songs with all your favorite tech. Rather than having to wait for a certain time every week for a podcast, you can turn TDGN on any time and hear tech news, information, live broadcasts, features and more mixed with a great blend of music. You can even call in requests and play contest at (815)200-1051.

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Slacker Radio Kickin The Old School Jams

Our favorite online and radio mobile app, and host for TDGN , Slacker Radio, has announced the addition of a new “Old School” station.

The Old School station is a dj procured station where dj’s will host old school jams from the Motown era to the early 90’s.  You’ll be able to hear anything from the Four Tops and The Tempations to Mint Condition and Arrested Development.

When you’re not listening to TDGN on Slacker Radio, you should check out the Old School station for your favorite jams on Android of course.  Like TDGN the Old School station is free to every Slacker user but you can upgrade to premium for just $9.99 a month create deeper personal playlists, skip more songs, and go ad-free.


Slacker Announces New Streaming ESPN Events At CES 2012

Slacker made two big announcements at CES in Las Vegas this week. The first was that they are now starting to offer college sports in a live stream via ESPN radio.  As John from Slacker explains in the interview video above, this is just the beginning for their streaming technology.

ESPN and Slacker have had an on going content relationship since last year. ESPN Radio can be customized by the user where they can drill down to just the content they want, when they want it. Now with streaming they can also use Slacker radio to hear some of the best live streamed sporting events.

Their ESPN live sports streaming started on Monday night with the BCS Championship football game between Alabama and LSU. Slacker hasn’t announced where they are going with this technology officially but it paves the way to custom subscriptions and customized channels from a variety of events. (it could also mean real live broadcasts on TDGN).

In the video we also talk about Slacker’s new partners in Ford’s SYNC and Sonos home entertainment systems.

Finally, off camera, we got a sneak peak at Slacker’s new Android tablet application which was announced later in the week at CES on board Verizon Wireless’ Motorola Xyboard.


Listen To Thedroidguy’s TDGN On Slacker Radio In Your Ford Thanks to Sync

Ford and Slacker have some major news as they are now incorporating Slacker Radio into the Sync system.

“Customers now have so many options for accessing music and information. Ford Sync AppLink allows us to not only keep pace with what they are listening to, but how they are listening to it,” Doug VanDagens, director of Ford Connected Services, said in a statement. “With its huge music library, Slacker Radio dramatically increases the content options for Ford drivers.”

Slacker has a mix of create it yourself playlist features, hosted stations and ABC News, ESPN and TDGN.

TDGN is a fully hosted radio station  that delivers “All your favorite songs with all your favorite tech” featuring tech news, information and features all day long. TDGN can be found at

Now thanks to App Link and Ford Sync you can hear all of Slacker’s content on Sync equipped Ford vehicles.

Source: Cnet

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