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HTC Leading The Buzz Factor For Mobile World Congress 2012

This weekend the mobile world (including thedroidguy) is heading to Barcelona Spain for the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress. This is the biggest event for mobile technology in the world. It’s almost a CES sized show dedicated to mobile.

We’ve heard a ton of rumors and leaks in the past four weeks about what we will see at Mobile World Congress.

The leakage started with the Samsung Galaxy S III that evaporated after Samsung released a statement saying that they would not be releasing the follow up to last years ginormous Galaxy S II until later this Spring. What we are expecting is a new tablet running on Samsung’s Exonys Processors.

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T-Mobile’s Latest Ad: Enter The Tech Blogger

We’re not quite sure why they introduced a tech blogger into their latest advertisement but that’s exactly what T-Mobile has done for their latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

You know the ads the ones that mimic the “I’m A Mac/I’m A PC” that made Justin Long a household name? The T-Mobile girls name is Carly and for this episode she is a Samsung Galaxy S 4G and a guy (who bares a striking resemblance in looks only to Androidandme’s Taylor Wimberly) who “blogs about these things” interrupts Carly to check out the speed of the Galaxy S 4G.

We find it a tad bit humorous though, maybe they could’ve used Paul  Miller?

Nvidia To Debut Tegra 3 At MWC? Fresh On The Heels of Tegra 2 Success

Next Month, on Valentine’s Day to be exact, the entire mobile industry in the world will converge in Barcelona (including thedroidguy staff as always) for Mobile World Congress.  There are a lot of companies expected to make huge announcements that are Android related. These companies include; Samsung, Sony Ericcson, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments.

Taylor Wimberly, over at, suggests that Nvidia may debut the Tegra 3 processor at MWC as well.  Wimberly has been a champion for Nvidia for the last year or so and has been right on the money with most of his Nvidia Tegra 2 predictions.  Wimberly bases his prediction on talking with Nvidia’s President Jen-Hsun Huang last year at an open house event at Nvidia’s offices.  Huang said that Nvidia is always looking to do more with less power. Huang also said that a new Nvidia Tegra processor would be released every year.

The Nvidia Tegra 2 had a heck of a showing at CES including the Motorola Xoom, Motorola Atrix and LG Optimus X just to name a few.  In talking with Glu Mobile’s Mike Breslin at CES he said that his company as well as others are taking advantage of the gaming qualities within the processor.

Nvidia gave out keychains at CES that had a Tegra 2 processor inside of them which was smaller than a penny.

We aren’t sure (nor is Wimberly) exactly what the Tegra 3 processor would have packed inside but MWC is just weeks away so stay tuned for more information. You should bookmark too if you are looking for the latest on Nvidia as no one covers the Nvidia beat like Android And Me

Source: Androidandme

Motorola Olympus To Debut At CES?

The Android community has been following the story of the Motorola Olympus since Taylor Wimberly over at first reported it at CTIA.  We watched him journey through San Francisco to get all the information he could from Motorola and Nvidia.

It all started with some facetime that Wimberly had with Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha at a Verizon event pre-opening night at CTIA, from there through a series of secret meetings and whispery phone calls Wimberly was able to build the story around the phone he originally dubbed “Terminator”.  With a dual core Tegra-2 processor, a large crisp display, and Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” on board this was going to be one sweet phone.  It seems now that it’s here.

Intomobile is reporting from a reliable tipster that AT&T will be showing off the Motorola Olympus at CES in a special press event or perhaps at their pre-show developer conference.

In addition to the Tegra 2 processor and Gingebread (hopefully) the Motorola Olypus will feature a 4.3″ screen, front facing camera and 1080p HD video playback.  We can’t wait to get our hands on this beauty, hopefully at CES.

Source: Androidandme & Intomobile

Motorola to debut a Tegra 2 dualcore “Terminator” phone?

On our recent trip to CTIA we noticed our good friend Taylor Wimberly of androidandme hard at work at a big project. Although we were pretty busy ourselves everytime we saw Taylor he had his phone up to his ear in a hushed tone and was off to another secret meeting. What was he working on? Well basically since sitting next to Sanjay Jha , Co CEO at Motorola, at last weeks Motorola/Verizon Mixer,  Wimberly has been working on getting the story of a Motorola Android device with Tegra 2 Processor and he’s all but done that now.

Wimberly reports in this article, originally posted on Androidandme last night, that Motorola is teaming up with Nvidia for this monstrous phone. Wimberly goes onto say that this new breed of Android device is Sanjay’s baby” and it will will make other Android devices look like “toys”

Matt Wuebbling of Nvidia confirmed to Wimberly that “Yes, we are working with Motorola. If you have questions, please check with Motorola, as we’re under NDA.”

Other emerging details include that this phone is headed for all 4 carriers ala the Samsung Galaxy S series, although first thought to be a Verizon flagship device.

From all the bloodhound work Wimberly did last week he’s gathered that the new device, he is labeling T2 or “Terminator” will debut early next year at CTIA. It’s completely hush hush though as Motorola doesn’t want to canibalize the other 7 Android devices they announced in conjunction with CTIA.

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