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Review: Taskos

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Taskos’ To Do List is a great way to keep all your daily duties and assignments in one spot along with checking or in this case “swiping” them off when you finish said assignment. From what I have seen so far it’s a pretty standard To Do List app with a couple added features. It’s nothing revolutionary but could or will even help you in your day to day activities. It’s a free application too, I wasn’t expecting anything absolutely life changing because of that. One cool thing about the app is that its ad free, so you won’t have to try and select options while trying not to select the ads.

Again, this is your standard to do list application but has some decent quality work put into it. It has a nice and slick interface and everything is very easy to use. What looks like a search bar at the top of the application is actually a way to add tasks quickly. Type in what you want to call the task and then just touch the plus button to add it to the list. Once you add it to the list you can quickly categorize it under General, Home or even Work (you can also add more categories than what the pre-sets are).

Once the task is finished just slide your finger to the right to check off the task (make sure your finger is on the task you want to check off). If you didn’t mean to check it off it’s easy to uncheck the task. Just slide your finger to the left to put it back in its original unfinished state. The category will stay the same, so there’s nothing else you need to do aside from possible modifying the time you wanted to task to be done by.

If you have a certain time you want to finish the task by just add a time that the task is due by. Once you do that, when you get close to the finishing time the app will remind you about it either once or every so often (that is, if you set the warning timer in the setting). Along with the due time, you can also set priorities. They can range from High Priority, Normal Priority and Low Priority. High Priority is probably something you would choose if you have a due time set.

Overall the app is pretty stable and has some great performance. I haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches yet. Taskos is just a standard To Do List application like the other thousands out there. Really this task application only comes down to your preferences. On another note, it is free unlike a lot of other Task application.

I recommend this app mainly because it has a nice metallic looking UI.  Again, it’s your standard task application just with a different UI and a focus on reminders to help keep the user on his set schedule.